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11 in 1 changeable ladies watch set

11 in 1 changeable ladies watch set

Brand Shoppers Store
Model Number 11 Patta Watch
Target Audience Women
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Overview: 11 in 1 changeable ladies watch set

Overview of this unique watch set

Shoppers Stop introduces a unique set of 11 in 1 changeable ladies watch set with eleven different strap and dial ring colours to set the ladies apart each time they walk out. The bright and vibrant colours of the strap infuse freshness and make you look attractive each time you try out a new one. The best part is that it can easily match with most of the colours of your clothing and along with the matching set; you are bound to look trendy and fashionable.

The 11 strap multicolour watch comes with a single round dial, white background and well designed needles to give a peppy look to it. Add to that, the high quality machinery of the wrist watch with highly durable and strain resistant straps surely makes it as one of the products to watch out for in its category.

Why should you go for it?

Sensible accessories are a must in this day and age with fashionable outfits, more so for the female gender. The demand for new accessories to go along with different outfits has increased even more nowadays with all witty designs and clothing coming up for women. Tastes of women have also transformed, rather evolved drastically over the past decade. Looking funkier seems to be the latest search for the younger generation in the consumer market. This watch set comes along as a marvelous set piece for the enthused section of the youth.

Ever heard the term innovation? The innovative ideas that have gone into making of this watch are really worth mentioning. You can virtually choose from a set of eleven watches each day whenever you go out outdoor, be it office, college or any party. The accessory easily slips into every mode very subtly and with the changing colour of the straps, you are never fashionably trailing either. Although the target audience for the product is mostly teenagers, college goers and young women, the watch doesn't disappoint in matching with almost any attire.

The set is a must for the young pretty ladies out here. Make yourself look trendier with all the mix and match options that you can assemble from this single set. The bright and peppy colours will distinctly set you apart from the rest with a strong style statement. With hip hop outfits and matching accessories, what more do crave for to look fashionable? This piece is of accessory is enough to meet your tastes and preferences.

But the most pleasantly surprising thing about this watch set is that it comes at a very reasonable price at and to put a cherry over it, is also offering substantial discounts on this product. So bag this unique collection of 11 in 1 changeable ladies watch set through the website - at some very fascinating prices.

Product Details
Brand Shoppers Store
Model Number 11 Patta Watch
Colour Name Multicolor
Target Audience Women

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  1.  11 in 1 changeable ladies watch set 2 January, 2014 On
    The 11 in 1 Changeable ladies watch set though simple to look at is yet very vibrant. The colors in there will match any attire. It is even best suited for girls who are in their teens and early teens!!!!! The cost needless to say is as attractive as the product itself and it is one which is going to be an owner’s pride and every one's envy!!!
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  2.  Good value for the price 31 December, 2013 On
    For people who want to match their accessories to their outfit, it will be a good option.
    option to change colors
    multiple mix and match options

    smaill dail
    if dail is lost then the straps are of no use
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