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11th Hour (Women's Murder Club)

11th Hour (Women's Murder Club)

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Language English
Contributor(s) James Patterson
Binding Paperback
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Overview: 11th Hour

The '11th Hour' is the eleventh book of the famous murder mystery series of James Patterson, 'Women's Murder Club'. Like all the other novels from the series, this book is also set in San Francisco. The story revolves around certain murder scenes in the city, and its investigation by a small group of women known as Women's Murder Club. The author has detailed the investigations of the sensational crimes in the city building up thrilling incidents that keep the readers on the edge of their seats. Just like the name of the book, the readers never get to uncover the mystery till the 11th hour; however, the excitement builds up as one flips the pages.

Plot Of The Story

A murderer is freely roaming around the city, and he has killed various San Francisco drug dealers and an undercover cop as well. After the investigation of the crime scenes, a weapon is found that belongs to the Detective Lindsay Boxer's evidence locker. Access to the locker is not an easy task, and this gives an idea of the involvement of a cop in the crime scenes. Boxer, with the help of the Women's Murder Club, starts investigating her colleagues despite her pregnancy. She goes through dangerous, deadly situations in such condition. Before she could even get closer to the murderer, another brutal crime scene appears where two heads are found in the garden of a world-famous actor's garden. The crime scene grows more intense as more heads are unearthed. Many lives are in danger, and she has to get hold of the murderer as soon as possible. However, she is also in a physically crucial condition to take on such dangerous situation. The biggest dilemma for Boxer is to figure out who is trustworthy and who is not. For any mystery-book lover, this is a treat.

About The Author

James Patterson is a famous author known for his romance and thriller novels. He has also been voted the Author of the Year at the Children's Choice Book Awards in 2010. Some of his known works include 'Tick Tock,' '10th Anniversary,' and '8th Confession.' You can order online for the paperback edition published by RHUK with the ISBN-10 number of 0099580659 and the ISBN-13 number of 9780099580652.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 28, 2013
Publisher RHUK
Contributor(s) James Patterson
Binding Paperback
Page Count 496
ISBN 10 0099580659
ISBN 13 9780099580652
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 11 cm x 3 cm x 17.8 cm
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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Dont choose ''11th hour" unless there is absolutely no better book to go for! 29 April, 2013 On
    I haven't read any of Patterson's earlier works and I believe I made a horrible decision of starting with '11th Hour'.

    As the book's cover suggests, this belongs to the 'Women's murder club' series - but hey!! The murder club hardly met 4-5 times and nothing fruitful came out of these meetings.

    I expected more suspense and thrill, but was let down miserably.

    Plus, there are just TOOO MANY characters in the book (much more than I'm used to) - It's possible that half these characters were already introduced in Patterson's earlier works and the author felt any introduction necessary here. But it took a while for me to completely follow who's who in the book.
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