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12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave

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Product Description

An absorbing film that serious viewers cannot afford to miss. 12 Years a Slave is a 2013 British-American historical drama film directed by British filmmaker Steve McQueen. The screenplay of 12 Years a Slave is based on an 1853 autobiography by Solomon Northup. 12 Years a Slave can best be described as propaganda film censuring stigmas of racism and slavery in the antebellum, United States. Made in the vein of the Blaxploitation films of the '70s, this movie is a powerful social commentary that poignantly depicts the heinous, racial exploitation of the Black people at the hands of their white masters who atrociously abuse them in more ways than any human being can possibly imagine.

Director's Efforts For The Movie

McQueen is known to infuse his films with a singular sense of realism that inevitably elevates the subject matter, pushing it to grapple with far more complex motifs than what it seems set to achieve initially. 12 Years a Slave presents the heart-wrenching tale of a free black man from Saratoga Springs, New York who is deceived, abducted and sold into slavery. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the part with great conviction. Ejiofor is greatly supported by an all-star ensemble cast that includes Brad Pitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Paul Dano, and Paul Giamatti. While Giamatti, Dano and others are quite impressive in their respective cameos, it is Fassbender who steals the show. Fassbender plays the challenging part with great aplomb as he goes through a gamut of emotions by matching every ounce of unrestrained brutality with equal degrees of feebleness and abject vulnerability. Fassbender is easily one of the most talented among the current crop of international actors. Speaking of performances, Lupita Nyong'o deserve a special mention for her exceptional portrayal of Patsey, a young female slave who is repeatedly raped and abused by Epps while working on his plantation.

Heart Touching Movie

12 Years a Slave is not an easy film to watch, especially for those who are repulsed by brutality and torture. The graphic content of the movie can easily unsettle an uninitiated moviegoer. The gory and ostentatious manner in which the movie depicts the brutal slavery practices like flagellation and whipping places it in a very unique category of exploitation-cum-propaganda films. That being said, 12 Years a Slave is lifted by McQueen's able direction and powerful performances delivered by the movie's ensemble cast. A very different kind of a musical arrangement from Hans Zimmer bolstered by the use of western classical and American folk music and Sean Bobbitt's sumptuous cinematography. Slavery may be a matter of past but human oppression especially of the weak, in its various forms continues to plague our world which makes 12 Years a Slave quite relevant even in today's modern age. Serious viewers just cannot afford to miss it! Get a copy of DVD today by placing your order online on Shop for the best price offered by various sellers. To make an informed choice and know more about the movie, you can refer to the customer reviews and star ratings. Log in now to find offers waiting for a click.


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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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     A must watch for emotional people who like true stories 29 April, 2014 On
    A genuinely heart touching historical tale of a man who mistakenly yet forcibly is made a slave, who faces utter torture and an unacceptable life along with other people of his race who are considered lesser humans!
    Showered with various prestigious awards including the Oscar, it has been beautifully directed with some artistic cinematography!
    The movie also depicts various different attitudes of men and how their conditions can make or break them!
    All in all, it deserves all the praise and awards it achieved and is a must watch for anyone looking for real cinema!
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  2. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     painfully true! 16 May, 2014 On
    Heart ❤ touching! 😢 truly sad 😢 this movie 🎥 tried to tell us how the black people in were treated by the Britishers! How they were forced to do work 🏢 how they were beaten brutally! Their pain their happiness their miserable life has been showcased in this movie 🎥 a truly painful movie! This movie is not prescribed for kids! Only adults should watch this movie 🎥! Because there are some scenes in which nudity takes place and harsh violence plus abuse! 😊
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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