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The 13th Juror (Dismas Hardy)

The 13th Juror (Dismas Hardy)

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Language English
Contributor(s) John T. Lescroart, David Colacci
Binding MP3 CD
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Overview: The 13th Juror

In The 13th Juror, Dismas Hardy, lawyer/investigator, undertakes the defense of Jennifer Witt, accused of murdering her husband and their eight-year-old son as well as her first husband, who had died nine years earlier from an apparent drug overdose. While preparing his case, Hardy learns that both of Jennifer's husbands had physically abused her. But Jennifer refuses to allow a defense that presumes her guilt. She is not guilty, she claims. Hardy is now driven to seek an alternative truth a jury can believe. As the trial progresses, the complex truth itself begins to change, to bend, to fade in and out of focus as the clock keeps ticking on Jennifer's fate, until there seems only one person left to convince, and she is "the 13th juror" - the judge. Annotation In one moment, Jennifer's world came crashing down. Her husband and son were murdered, and she--as a prime suspect--was facing the death penalty. Jennifer, a battered wife, refused to use a spousal abuse defense, insisting she was innocent. As Jennifer's story began to lose credibility, Dismas Hardy, her attorney/investigator, had only one last weapon for defending his client--the truth. Editorial Reviews Further evidence that Lescroart ( Hard Evidence ) can hold his own among legal-thriller writers comes with this taut novel about an abused San Francisco housewife who is arrested for shooting both her seven-year-old son and her physician husband, a control freak. Narrator Dismas Hardy, defense attorney and hero of four previous Lescroart novels, has plenty of suspects and issues to grapple with. First there's his icy, recalcitrant client, Jennifer Witt, who refuses to go with a battered-wife defense; Jennifer's aloof psychiatrist, who may or may not be her lover; some financial shenanigans concerning the victim's business that provide plenty of motive for high-stakes murder. Then there's the problem of Dismas's grandstanding boss, whose flamboyant, hit-or-miss style leaves Dismas constantly scrambling f
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date May 29, 2008
Publisher Brilliance Corp
Contributor(s) John T. Lescroart, David Colacci
Binding MP3 CD
Edition MP3 Una
ISBN 10 1423357124
ISBN 13 9781423357124
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 0.7 grams
Product Dimensions 13.7 cm x 1.3 cm x 19.1 cm
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