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1st Activity Book - IQ (Kid's Activity Books)

1st Activity Book - IQ (Kid's Activity Books)

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Language English
Contributor(s) Dreamland Publications
Binding Paperback
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Overview: 1st Activity Book - IQ

Children are tricky customers. They usually have a lot of potential to learn new things, but one must know to press the right buttons. The key is to provide a child with something that intrigues, entertains and at the same time educates him/her. While it is very important to make sure that they develop a healthy reading habit, it is also essential to take into consideration the fact that children are extremely impressionable which means one has to be very careful regarding what a kid is exposed to and ensure that they are provided with activities that specifically accommodate their interests and capabilities. It is paramount for a child to be furnished with activities that trigger their intellectual abilities and help explore their creative faculties. When it comes to making the choice for something that would help the youngster on its way, there are quite a few options, but it's highly doubtful if you would find a better one than Dreamland Publications' newest offering, 1st Activity Book - IQ (Kid's Activity Books). Assembled for children aged three to five years, this activity book is everything you need to sharpen your kid's mental prowess, such as innovation, imagination and even the ability to solve problems.

Complete package for child's IQ

The 1st Activity Book - IQ is uniquely crafted to take into consideration the tastes and distastes of the young minds. As a result, they would not get bored of it, as it usually happens, but will enjoy delving into the vibrant and vividly descriptive little hurdles which they need to solve to overcome. Children of the age group of three to five are very hyperactive, both physically and mentally, and also manifest signs of picking up ideas very quickly, which makes them excellent learners and the perfect target group for development of their brainpower. The book is fashioned in such a manner that it incites children to read, using colourful illustrations and innovative methods, thus helping them develop the habit of reading. Fun activities like mazes and match the pairs ascertain that while they don't get distracted and are intricately involved with them, they learn to think creatively, use their intellect and expand their imaginative capacities. The whole thing is presented in a very comprehensible manner so that the youngsters do not have a problem in understanding, and is penned in an absorbing fashion, so as to garner the attention of the children. Not only these, the provided activities are very educative and undoubtedly help the kids learn a lot, especially since they are very quick at picking up concepts and are quite malleable. Apart from that, there also remains the fact that Dreamland does not compromise with quality, seeing as the books are fashioned by well-known Indian artists and use top-of-the-range technology in 4-colour printing machines and the paper used are standard quality A1 papers. Still wondering what to do? Well, don't. Stamp out that lingering doubt and gift your child their copy today, and watch him/her turn into an intellectual sharpshooter in no time.

Features: 1st Activity Book - IQ

  • Juvenile Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 25, 2012
Publisher Dreamland Publications
Contributor(s) Dreamland Publications
Binding Paperback
Edition First Edition
Page Count 64
ISBN 10 8184513674
ISBN 13 9788184513677
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 20 cm x 1.5 cm x 13 cm
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