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21 Grams (Collector's Edition)

21 Grams (Collector's Edition)

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Language English
Video Format DVD
Number Of Discs 1

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  21 grams is the weight of life 6 July, 2014 On
    Disclaimer: Don't read if you have not watched this movie as this review might reveal the plot to certain extent.
    21 grams is an amazing movie having heart touching screenplay. Initially it seems hard to understand the movie but at it goes on everything seems to possess a meaning.
    I treat this movie as a philosophical catharsis. You need to understand how different lives are entwined together.
    The protagonist of this movie is in search of a heart and he is on the verge of dying. This is played by Sean Penn and couldn't better than this. The plot is so simple that sometimes it looks to be complex.
    Now he gets the heart and start living his life. He lives with a heart of some different person.His girlfriend who is desperate to beget a child persuades him for artificial insemination as she has some complications due to the previous abortion
    There is this guy who turned to God after some kind o revelation and turns out to be fanatic.
    This about to die heart patient named Paul is impatient , he doesn't conceive the fact that he is living on someone else's heart and he tries to find the family of the guy whose heart made him alive. He find the widow of the heart Donner and kind of feeling a sudden relation with her which is so compulsive.
    The Jack this so called Hooligan turned in to theist run over the two little girls and the their father. Actually this was the guy whose heart was transplanted in to the body of dying Paul Rivers.
    The story looks so real and characters appears to be so alive that I am in love with this movie.
    21 gram is the weight of the soul , 21 grams that was the weight if life. My enigmatic talks could more make more sense if you watch this movie.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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