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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PC)

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PC)

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Overview: Borderlands

The third game of the Borderland series has been published by 2K games, and developed both by Gearbox Software and 2K Australia. It was released on 14th October, 2014 for the Microsoft Windows, Linux/steam OS, OS X, Play-station 3 and Xbox 360. Borderlands: the pre-sequel is all about entering the Borderlands universe for looting and shooting your way through a whole new world of adventure that takes you onto Pandora's moon. Borderlands fans get to discover a new tale behind the borderland 2, handsome Jack, villains and his rise to supremacy. The concept of the pre-sequel lying between Borderlands and Borderlands 2 opens up a brand new world of thrilling features, and a genre blending fusion of RPG mechanics and Shooter that players absolutely adore.

Go against gravity

Go against the law of gravity and float through the air while defeating enemies by attacking enemies down from above by using the latest laser and ice weapons. Take a ride on new and preferred vehicles and get to explore the planetary landscape gifted with increasing levels of vicious mayhem. The mayhem has been customized well for bringing in new weapons into the game, and is additionally equipped with laser and ice capabilities.

Handsome Jack's augment

As the game advances and players get used to the slaughtering of enemies they get introduced to several new twists including other stronger rivals with advanced weapons. While facing the new enemies you also get to experience moon's low gravity as you stomp and jump throughout the surface. As the game advances you will soon witness handsome Jack rising to power and watching him dive into the beginnings of the iconic borderland villains. Along with facing the enemies and obstacles turn the table to visualize jack's side of story.

Face the new genre of villains

The game provides a fair enough option of choosing the type of character you desire to play. The four new classes introduced the Borderlands: pre-sequel includes Athena the gladiator, Nisha the law bringer and Wilhelm the enforcer. The fourth is that of combat ready Claptrap prototype, and if you've just started the game do go for the last one. Experience the marvellous environ of thrill, joy, and amusement and get to visualize and unique morality while working with the hero, Handsome Jack.

The sequel's plot

The storyline is based on the antagonist Jack who is a member of staff of the Hyperion Corporation. After his company's space station was captured by the Lost Legion, military operation he pilots a group of four characters of whom all were bosses and NPCs in the previous Borderlands. His main goal is to fight and battle against the enemies and defeat Lost Legion and gain back Helios. The game is a perfect sequel of Borderlands 2 as it advances on the game play and engine of the same. Although the plot is similar to that of Borderlands 2 there is an array of game play mechanics which are fresh and innovative.


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