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WWE 2K14 (PS3)

WWE 2K14 (PS3)

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Overview: WWE 2K14

You think you have what it takes to finish a battle with one final strike? Or are you the kind to have sympathy? If you are the former, then greet yourself into the world of WWE 2K14, where the option of fight or flight don't exist, where there are only two ways of exiting a ring, one by either by walking out victorious or two, by lying on a stretcher. Be ready to face a world of pain, where the lesson of 'no pain, no gain', is learnt the hard way. If you think you have the courage to not go into the silent night and to fight against the fading light, then this is the game you were meant for. A game that can test a person's will and strength, a game that seizes the masculinity of other, a games that brings out the true warrior in others, a game that gives vent to the devil in all of us. Take yourself to the world where there are no rules, where nothing but the laws of physics and the capacity of the human body govern a fight. A game which has been thought out for thrill, put together for excitement and sold in a complete pack to sway your imaginations to a whole new level.

The game isn't just about having amateur fights at the end of which one is declared as the king of the ring, it is far beyond that. It has captured the concept of continuity, the concept of reality.

Different modes

30 Years of WrestleMania- We all want to relive our past, just to see what it feels like, just to reminisce the old days. Though that's not entirely possible, WWE 2K14 gives you a chance relive the glory days, the greatest matches and moment from the past three decades. Experience more than 45 matches in an unprecedented single-player campaign, which gives you a glimpse into the past of the wrestling word, through WrestleMania.

Universe Mode- if FIFA has manager mode then WWE 2K14 has universal mode. Where you get to endure a career of how is it to be a Wrestler, which remains as a childhood dream for many. Play along as each of your individual choices in your career affect the course of the game and overcome obstacles that stand between you and your WWE Championship glory.

Predator Technology 3.0 and Creation Suite- Face the most effortless and alluring WWE gameplay made till date. With new reversal system, catapult finisher, new OMG moments and hundred of new moves, which give you a 100 new ways to demolish your enemies as they stand between you and your hall of fame.

Furthermore, one can customize the players to the controllers' desire; change some of their basic data, such as their finishing moves, their entrance.

Embrace the world of wresting on a whole new level and prepare yourself to face mind numbing matches, intimidating stunts that leave you in utter disbelief. Experience gaming like never before, with WWE 2K14

Features: WWE 2K14

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Loved it 29 January, 2015 On
    Just simply loved it
    Much improved than previous gens.
    Game is a full time pass, good to play on weekends
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