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NBA 2K15 (PS4)

NBA 2K15 (PS4)

Manufacturer 2K
Platform Playstation 4
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Overview: Nba 2k15

Basketball like Never Before

When it comes to sporting games, the basic emphasis is on the rendering of the players' faces and physique, the pitch/court detailing in terms of realism, the commentary and more importantly, the form, function and fluidity. Whichever sport it may be, fluent movement points on the animations are an absolute necessity, because that's what determines a smooth gaming experience. And now, it's always an added bonus if the player animations are almost inch-perfect and is highly effortless in facial gesticulations, giving the gamer the real feel. Then there is the element of commentary, which must not be repetitive, otherwise it becomes very dull and drudgery, along with the fact that to give the game that cutting edge, it is required to comprise of random pieces of entertainment like current affairs in the sport, or pre or post-match shows and such. When it comes to basketball, NBA has always been the sole large-scale proprietor highly popular among basketball games. This year's no different, as 2K brings you yet another spectacle in the form of NBA 2K15, which is the sublime blend of super-cool graphics and an outstanding gaming experience, with activity both on and off the court, just setting the tempo for a superb game of basketball.

Unleash the Player in You

Having a fantastic frame rate of sixty frames a second, this basketball simulation is the best thing in sports games so far, lending that ultra-real edge to it. The player animations are to die for, and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. 2K uses the latest headways n technology to improve the artificial intelligence and the shooting system, and over 6000 new on-court animations and stressing the point of better control in offense and defence. Another important attribute is the trademark actions of certain players on the court which only piles up on the authenticity bar. The game play is as smooth as ever, and another salient feature is that it continues to use ultra slow-motion which makes this even more stunning. Adding the shot meter was a smart idea, because now you will know when you put too much or too little on the shot. 2K makes certain that you're not bored while the game is loading, by adding contextualized commentary and player interviews which would keep updating itself according to current state of affairs. If you think the surprises are over, you couldn't be more wrong. The game also presents the soundtrack by renowned artist Pharrell Williams. Another stark improvement has been in the my career mode where there is a new storyline, plus you can choose from specific skill sets rather than individual ones and now your veteran teammate speaks to you egging you on, which is quite enjoyable. Taking up from where the last instalment left off, NBA 2K15 only gets better. So get your copy today and slam dunk your way into the world of basketball.

Features: Nba 2k15

  • publisher: 2K Games
Product Details
Manufacturer 2K
Platform Playstation 4
Release Date October 10, 2014

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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