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300 (English Movie)

300 (English Movie)

Format DVD
DVD Regions Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong
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Product Details
Format DVD
DVD Regions Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong
Censor Rating A (Adults Only)

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 stars
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     highly Explicit, highly Violent, truly Aggressive, DAMN bloody 16 May, 2013 On
    Genre: Action, Fantasy, History

    For: Not for Children below the age of 12 (since TODAY’s below 18 & above 12 understands everything, excitedly)

    Brief: SPARTARNS. Based on Greek mythology, the Spartarns were the superior warriors of all. And their tragedy cum glory lies in one single battle where 300 spartarn soldiers fought against n number of Persian soldiers; and restricted them to pass through a small hot-gate that will lead them (the Persians) to step their foot on the land of Sparta (a part of Greece). The movie starts with a conspiracy among a spartan traitor and ends with the death of their King (the then, and in the same battle), Leonidus (forgive, if didn’t spell this mighty warrior’s name correctly, personally I am a fan of Achilles,  ). And at last, ends with the Leonidus' death with a beautiful quote before his death (while looking at the Spartan Gate - "to my Queen, my Wife, my Love" (which mean sacrificing his life for her, and the flow of the say, a single woman is his Queen first and then his Wife and then his Love)- this particular scene is going to sooth you (I bet on that).

    Comment (in short): A movie in the hue of red, black and red (yes again). Highly violent, highly explicit. Please do not watch it with your family (either they might get really offended, or they might pretend to get offended). A fantastic watch on Saturday night with friends, meatballs and drinks (carbonated drinks). A nice movie to gossip about and to get aroused (both sensually and violently). 'Violent' in the sense - hot blood to kill [that might be because of my half 'Ugra-Khatriya' bloodline (a Rajputana Clan), and thus violent thoughts hovered me whenever I watch the movie. So if you are from a ruler family, the same is unavoidable]. And 'sensually' in the sense - hot organs :P (no seriously, the part, where the night before leaving for the battle, the way the King makes love to his Wife is just 'wah!!', sure to get you aroused). And a mixture of all these in perfect proportion, makes it a perfect mood reliever.
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