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Language English
Contributor(s) Upendra Namburi
Binding Paperback
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Overview: 31

The book, 31 is a corporate thriller novel. This is a debut novel of Upendra Namburi who is a banking professional. This novel is a innovate take on the complex banking and corporate sector. This novel through a gripping story describes the cruel and ruthless world of the banking industry and its humor which is deep and subtle balances the book. This is a story of Ravi Shastry, a banking professional who even after having a great year facing tremendous hurdles in the month of March. Through this story the book gives a lesson that is especially useful in today's world. The novel is a gripping tale which is a must read for everyone who is involved with the banking industry or even remotely involved.

Ravi Shastry, a middle level executive in 'Imperial Bank'. So far he had a great year and now he is looking forward at the month of March. His life and people around him are quite happy and are satisfied with Shastry's performance. However, things suddenly start happening and Shastry is found in deep troubles. It stars with shutting down of bank's Brazil operations which, results in US subsidiary becoming a mess. This book is an account of the most difficult and important 31 days in the life of Ravi Shastry who stands for his values and ethics even in the most vulnerable times! This is an absolute stunning duel between Shastry and his enemy which keeps the reader glued till the end.

Upendra Namburi is a banker by profession and writer by passion. He is an engineer and also holds a MBA degree but it was his collaboration with India's leading finance dailies- Mint that discovered his writing abilities. He now begins to redefine the Indian thriller genre, by taking on contemporary topics and turn them into nail biting thrillers through his series of novels.

< /p> For online shoppers this book is available in paperback binding. It has an ISBN 10 number of 9381626758 and aan ISBN 13 number of 978-9381626757.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date September 15, 2012
Publisher Westland Books
Contributor(s) Upendra Namburi
Binding Paperback
Edition 2012
Page Count 428
ISBN 10 9381626758
ISBN 13 9789381626757
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