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37 key elactronic musical MELODY piano keyboard

37 key elactronic musical MELODY piano keyboard

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Product Description

Music knows no age. The love for music starts from a very early age. Exxon makes brilliant musical keyboards for kids who have a bent towards music. This 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard for kids has all the features intact to give your child a melodious and musical experience. Music starts from a very early age in the form of a lullaby and stays till the end of our lives. The Exxon keyboards are very useful instruments to enhance the child's interest towards music. This 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard for kids comes with a 37 key synthesizer. It is very compact, colourful and light weighted. The 4 cute animal sounds are very unique; it peps up the mood of a crying child. This piano helps in improving your child's music taste with its diverse sound options. Apart from teaching your child a huge variety of music it also improves the motor skill, interaction and social skills, hands and eye coordination and creativity skills. Place an online order for this wonderful musical toy piano and enjoy your music.

Features and Design

This 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard for kids has a conventional layout, which makes typing convenient for you. You will not have to look out for keys while you are playing the music. The keys are made exactly like the original piano so when your child gets to play the original keyboard it should not seem alien to you. A significant part that you get to see in this 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard for kids is that the navigation keys which are vibrant and bright in colour. If you are planning a piano keyboard for kids for regular playing purposes then this is the perfect instrument.

It might take a little time for the kids to get adjusted with this keyboard by Exxon but once they get the hang of playing the keyboard their learning process gets easier. In other words, it is extremely fast and easy to use and you will not feel even slightest lag when compared to other keyboard pianos. The black colour of the 37 key electronic musical piano keyboards for kids suits other peripherals and toys of the room. The contrast of black and other colours looks very appealing and eye catchy. The red and green colour of the navigation contrasts with the black colour of the keyboard. So, shop online for 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard at the earliest and enjoy playing music with it.


The most common cause that damages keyboards is the accidental spill of water, juice, coffee, tea, oil and other liquid. You should always keep this 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard at a designated place after using it. Leaving the keyboard carelessly just about anywhere after use will cause unnecessary harassment of searching the device when it is needed again. Besides, if it gets hidden by cloth or anything, someone may step or sit on the keyboard and break it. Lastly, make sure that you read the instructions on the user manual carefully so that you are well aware of the musical instrument. In case of any liquid spillage or dirt accumulation clean the mess with a damp cotton cloth or cotton bud. Do not immerse the 37 key electronic musical piano keyboard in water. It is also advisable to keep the battery off in case if you are not using the piano keyword regularly.

Few of the glaring features are

  • 4 distinct animal sounds
  • Different drum sound effects
  • Changeable volume and tempo
  • Easy recording and replaying options
  • 8 different sounds of instruments and rhythms
  • Unique voice echo function
  • Vibration option
  • 18 distinct demos
  • Karaoke mike facility
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 44556tr
Model Number 37 key piano

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