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4.8V Cordless Screw Driver & Drill with 24 bits

4.8V Cordless Screw Driver & Drill with 24 bits

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Product Description

The Cordless Screw Driver & Drill with 24 bits from Telemall is a lightweight and rechargeable handheld electronic rotary motor with screwdriver drill attachments. Perfect for your home DIY needs, this 4.8 volt, cordless screwdriver has enough power for most home improvement projects. It is ergonomically designed with a soft grip handle for that firm control and comfort when operating the device. The carefully crafted shape of the handheld motor allows you to work efficiently and safely. The 24 bit drill and screwdriver attachments let you tackle almost any implement. The quick release 'chuck' switch operation allows you to reverse the motor direction in the blink of an eye, thus letting you use the motor in a forward or reverse direction, as required. The dual angle adjustment lets you use the Cordless Screw Driver & Drill in the conventional way and also at angles for those tough to reach parts. The Screw Driver & Drill comes with a rechargeable 1300 mAh Li-ion battery for a longer battery life. The Cordless Screw Driver & Drill with 24 bits from Telemall is smart, stylish and ergonomically designed with carefully chosen attachments for a range of usages, making this product an absolute must for your home, hobby room, garage or workplace.

Product Features

The Cordless Screw Driver & Drill with 24 bits from Telemall is an absolute essential tool for anyone with DIY or even heavy mechanical interests. It is an integral part of any tool collection. The motor head has a rated no-load speed of 300 RPMs, and an output torque of 3 Nm, making it sufficient for almost all home and non-industrial use. An input voltage of 220V AC and an output voltage of DC 6V 300 mAh make the Cordless Screw Driver and Drill an efficient low energy consuming, higher output machine coupled with a high-quality 4.8V Li-ion battery for cordless functionality. The 24 bit attachments include 20 pcs 50mm screwdriver heads for multiple functionality and a diverse range of screw standards. Also provided are 3 pcs of 50 mm drill bits for different drilling requirements. The dual angle adjustment feature allows the screw driver or drill to be used straight or at an angle. The feature can be locked into 2 different angle settings. The machine is provided with an adaptor for recharging the Li-on battery and for direct cord based usage.

The motor body of the Cordless Screw Driver & Drill is made of the highest quality, durable mix of plastic and rubber parts. It contains the latest technology in home grade motor requirements. The 24 bit screw driver and drill heads are made of the finest steel alloy base. Buy the Cordless Screw Driver & Drill with 24 bits online

Technical Specifications

Rated no load speed: 300 RPM

Output torque: 3Nm

Input voltage: 220V AC

Output voltage: DC 6V 300 mAh

High Quality Li-ion Cordless Screwdriver, 4.8V

20 pcs 50 mm driver bits

3 pcs 50 mm Drill bits

1 pcs Adaptor

Color of the unit may differ from the image shown

In the Box

A Lightweight and rechargeable 4.8 volt, Cordless Screwdriver and Drill, with 24 bit attachments of an assortment of drill, screwdriver heads and an adaptor. The motor comes with a 1300 mAh Li-ion battery for a longer battery life.


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