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Set of 4Pcs Car Automatic Side Window Sun Shade For Innova

Set of 4Pcs Car Automatic Side Window Sun Shade For Innova

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Overview: Set of 4Pcs Car Automatic Side Window Sun Shade For Innova

Presenting to you, Automatic side window Sun Shade for your Toyota Innova car. This item as a whole consists of 4Pieces of sun shade for 4 different side windows of your Innova car. This Automatic side window sun shade is a very useful item for your car. It is used for multiple purposes and can be of great help to you. Firstly, the most basic use of this item is that it protects you from the light coming into your car from outside.

Any bright light, mainly the sunlight can be avoided by putting these sun shades on to your side windows. This avoids the interiors of the car from getting hot very early from the scorching heat of the sun. The leather stuff inside your car like your seat covers will remain cool as these shades will avoid any entry of sun rays inside the car. These sun shades are dark and no one from outside can see through these sun shades.

This help you maintain your privacy as well. These sun shades have a feature that you can see outside clearly through them from inside of your car. So, you may not have any problem in driving or looking at the things around your car. These sun shades does not block your view. Another feature of this item is that they are made of Ray-filtering material. This feature will avoid any kind of harmful sun rays from entering into your car and cause any skin burn or interior burn.

This side window sun shade are anti-dust, water proof and fire resistant which are very important features for a item like this when in use. The sun shades are not harmed or degraded by any type of dust and water. In excessive heat also these sun shades don't catch any fire as they are fire resistant in nature. Besides all these uses and features of this item, these sun shades are easy to install or put up on your side windows of car.

The sun shade can be attached to the window with a help of a tiny hook which will make the shade roll freely and smoothly. As they are automatic, the sunshade fabric will roll up and down as the glass window goes up and down. The tube can be stuck to your side car door surface with the help of double side adhesive tape. This setup is easy and can be secured in seconds.

These window side Sun shades are a very useful and multi-purpose item for your Toyota Innova car which you cannot afford to miss. Avail some fantastic prices and visit right now before the offer runs out. What are you waiting for?

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  1.  Blinds good quality, but don't cover the full window 15 January, 2014 On
    The blinds took some time to be send, almost 1 week to Chennai, TN. Attaching them requires a little craftsmanship, as they are supposed to be fixed with screws into the car's interior of the door itself.

    The blinds don't cover the entire window, as the photo suggest in Junglee or on the seller site. The blinds leave a 5 cm gap on either side.

    Still the quality appears to be convincing, I'm ordering another set for my other car
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