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52 Reasons to Hate My Father

52 Reasons to Hate My Father

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Language English
Contributor(s) Jessica Brody
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: 52 Reasons to Hate My Father

52 Reasons to Hate My Father is an amazing fiction compiled in a hard cover format. This piece of humour is indeed a must read. You never know unless you go through the pages and read what's inside. 52 reasons is based on the story of a spoilt heiress Lexington Larabee. She was supposed to inherit the trust fund her father has kept for her on the 18th birthday, but destiny has other plans for her.

She crashed her convertible and made her father change the trust fund time limit to another year. It left her disgusted, as she was thinking to get it by her 18th birthday. Her father has made a pact, which included that she would be getting the funds, when she completes a year with varied range of jobs, as per his choice. She was being monitored with an intern with her father, called Luke. Lexi, is capable of speaking 6 different languages, loves pets and across the 52 weeks time she finds 52 reasons to hate her father. Being a multi billionaire also, he was sending his daughter to do maniac jobs and get paid for that, in order to allow her access to her trust fund. She was like the most spoilt child on the earth, used to throw tantrums around her father.

Little did she know that it would not give her time with her father. He was super busy; leaving her alone with staffs and the best things that money can buy. She felt deprived of his love all her life, till she crashed her convertible that day and the world had suddenly changed for the worst. She was not used to do her own work, let alone think of waiting tables or being a maid to someone.

Every week that followed the accident, she had put up with random job roles and being kept on guard by Luke. Luke seemed a boring intern to her in the beginning. But with due course, she realises that he was an attractive person and her previous on-and-off boyfriend suddenly disappears after the accident. She gets attracted to Luke, as she feels, even though being penniless; she is being respected and liked by him. Every week teaches Lexi a lesson of her life, she learns to control her tantrums and stops spoiling the house, as she already been a house maid.

Her mean self gets revamped to a confident and nice woman, who values everything in life. At the end, she comes to realise the aloofness of her father, as he used to grieve alone for her mother and then she realises that in fact her father had loved her so much that, he could not afford to make her upset by being sad around her. The language is very touchy and the story is a hilarious one to keep the readers glued to it. A nice crafted book by Jessica and the characters are played beautifully to convey the message. There can be people who are ridiculous but in fact they are hiding a heart of gold, behind their exterior toughness.

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Features: 52 Reasons to Hate My Father

  • Farrar Straus Giroux
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 3, 2012
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Contributor(s) Jessica Brody
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
Page Count 352
ISBN 10 0374323038
ISBN 13 9780374323035
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 453.6 grams
Product Dimensions 15 cm x 3 cm x 22 cm
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Mindless and A Waste of Time 5 March, 2014 On
    The story has the potential to be so much better, which is why it gets me so mad that it isn't.

    Lexington Larrabee is a heiress who's had everything handed to her in a silver platter. But she gets herself into embarrassing and 'bad publicity'-attracting incidents all the time. The last time she does it, driving her brand new Mercedes headlong into a drug store, her father puts down a mandate. Lexi has to take on 52 different daily-wage jobs for the next year, or else she wont get her trust fund.

    I was really eager to know all the 52 jobs. I thought the author would mention all 52, and that would've been pretty impressive. But, she doesn't. Only 32 jobs are done by the end of the book, and of those, we read of Lexi's experiences of only a few. I think the author liked the concept of 52 jobs - a job a week, but couldn't really come up with that many jobs.

    Lexi Larrabee is a spoilt kid. She's a drama queen with a slightly weird thinking process. And she's downright creepy in some places. Of all the jobs she's given, she thinks the one where she works in the graveyard(!) is fun! She TALKS to the dead bodies. And I mean whole conversations. It's creepy. But that's it. She's not a real spoilt brat, if you know what I mean. Proud, sharp-as-a-knife tongue, superficial, etc., etc. I would've liked someone like Blair from Gossip Girl or Sophie Price from Vain. Lexi's turnabout is so quick and easy, that is neither convincing nor realistic.

    Another issue I had was the way the author handled the father's issue. He's depressed and grieving for his wife, so he goes around marrying random women every 3 years. Really? And Lexi supposedly 'understands' all this once she is hit by a bolt of lightning and realises that her father is grieving. So what? If you're grieving, then it's totally fine to go around doing crappy stuff? Nuh uh.

    And the romance between Lexi and Luke was SO UNNECESSARY! They work so much better as friends. There's this camaraderie and sharp banter between them that's so enjoyable. I didn't feel any spars between the two, and the fact that this was introduced towards the end of the story without any build up at all leads me to think that maybe the author felt the same too? It all felt very, very wrong, and not natural in the least. One thing, books do not always have to have romance or love in it. I've read great books which do not have romance at all. I know that's what sells, but I feel if the book is good enough, it shouldn't matter.

    Overall, 52 Reasons To Hate My Father has the potential to be a great book, but falls way short.

    P.S.: A lot of people seem to like this book, and have given it high ratings. Am I the odd one out?
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