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175/65R14 82S Size Bridgestone S 322 Tubetype Tyre

175/65R14 82S Size Bridgestone S 322 Tubetype Tyre

Model Number TOW00734317
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Overview: 175/65R14 82S Size Bridgestone S 322 Tubetype Tyre

Enjoy Superior Comfort and Handling

Provide a durable and reliable, modern age upgrade to your vehicle in the form of Bridgestone S 322 tube type tyre. Designed to enhance your driving experience, these tube type tyres feature grooves to enable high water drainage allowing them to have an exceptional traction on any surface in any weather. The Bridgestone black tube type tyres also have lateral grooves, with lateral sipes having a random pattern arrangement to offer a noiseless and extra comfortable driving experience. These tyres are designed to reduce the rolling resistance of the vehicle to provide an improved fuel efficiency and less carbon dioxide emission.

A Well Balanced All Round Performer

This tube type tyre has a rim diameter of 16 inches with a wide section width of 195mm which helps in stabilizing the tread for enhanced handling and traction. The O-Bead design of these tyres ensure a more precise and even fit of the tyre to the rim also enhancing the handling, ride comfort and wear uniformity. A well connected solid shoulder block enhances the tyre's performance when it comes to cornering and stability. Ensure your future long drives with your loved ones are much safer and pleasurable with these Bridgestone S322 tube type tyres.

Product Features

Brand: Bridgestone

Model: 175/65R14 82S S322

Rim Diameter: 16 inches

Aspect Ratio: 55 percent

Tyre Ply: 4

Sidewall Colour: Black

Load index: 87@4

Additional Features: Enhanced braking capability, reduced noise, high level of steering response, improves wear resistance, reduced rolling resistance, straight and lateral grooves, provides improved fuel efficiency

Product Details
Brand Bridgestone
Model Number TOW00734317
Colour Name Black

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