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9 Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet

9 Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet

Brand Unknown
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Overview: 9 Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet

Do you love shoes and end up buying them wherever you go? Have a problem with storing them properly?  Do you forget what shoes you have because you have to store them all over your house, wherever you get space? The answer to all your problems is here. Presenting the 9 Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet for those who love shoes, buy them all the time and have problems storing them.

About the product

A major problem most shoe lovers have live in urban flats and apartments is the lack of storage space for them  to keep their beloved foot friends properly. Often we find our favourite pairs getting dirty, damaged, simply because we do have a proper place to keep them properly. Lack of display and storage space for shoes also results in forgetting about pairs of shoes that one buys but keeps away due to the above problem. The solution to all these problems is here - the 9 Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet.

This unique storage unit has 9 shelves or tiers wherein each shelf can hold upto 4 pairs of shoes or sandals, thereby providing you space to store upto 36 pairs of shoes, sandals and slippers. The extremely useful 9-Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet is the key to organising your home better and keeping your shoes all in one place, with a proper display. This way not only do you keep your beloved pairs properly but because of the open display you also remember what you have and can use your shoes easily and match them with your outfit readily.

The  9-Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet is made of steel pipes, plastic and canvas and  the cabinet is perfect to place all your shoes in one place and in order. It can be moved around easily and its convenient size allows it to be used anywhere in the house. Assembling it is very easy as the steel tubes can be easily fastened into the plastic holes. The cabinet also has  6 side pockets which are very convenient and can used to store newspapers, magazines and small home supplies.

The  9-Tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet also have a very convenient feature of a cover door to protect your shoes from dirt and to keep them covered . This unique feature while protecting your shoe and therefore increases the longevity of your shoes by keeping them away from dust and damage. The cover drawn can be easily drawn for you to choose from shoes in the cabinet. We often find our favourite pairs completely ruined because they have not been stored correctly. But with this shoe drawer cabinet, you will never again face such problems. You can also keep your delicate and expensive shoes in shoe boxes or covers that perfectly fit on the shelves of this cabinet.

Size and Material Specification

Materials used to make this cabinet include Steel pipes for the base structure & plastic parts and non-woven canvas covers. The Plastic thickness is the 1 cm Type of plastic are 100% PE. The Steel pipe thickness is 0.5 mm and  the Steel pipe diameter is 12.7±0.2 mm. The Spraying thickness is 0.1 mm .

Portable and user-friendly Cover door 6 Side pockets (3+3) Size/Dimension: 58 x 28 x 160 cm Weight: 2.9 kg


This assembled shoe drawer cabinet is very easy to maintain and store. When not in use you can easily disassemble and store it. When in you, assemble is very easy and only takes a few minutes. As it is made of canvas covers, it is very easy to clean. Just dust or wipe with moist cloth to keep it clean.


This 9 tier Shoe Drawer Cabinet is Environment-friendly and with its simple yet functional design it makes for a very useful organizer to have in the house. Buy this amazing organizer at an extremely affordable price and keep your shoes , sandals and all expensive footwear stored properly and carefully and conveniently.

Product Details
Brand Unknown
Warranty 7 Days Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects For All.

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