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A158Wa-1Df-D011 Silver/Grey Digital Watch
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A158Wa-1Df-D011 Silver/Grey Digital Watch

Brand Casio
Target Audience Men
Watch Movement Automatic
Watch Display digital
Band Material Resin
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Overview: A158Wa-1Df-D011 Silver/Grey Digital Watch

The new Silver or Gray dialed watch by Casio is one of the finest time tellers that ahs been released by the brand in budget. The excellent watch is available at junglee for an amazingly low price of only Rs 945. This is a very good deal that you would not find anywhere else. The watch has a great silver band that is made of resin. The pure and genuine quality of the resin makes sure that the watch is not only smart and attractive but at the same time is durable and lasts a very long time. The design of the watch has been made in such a manner that it can be sported to any occasion. You can wear this watch to work. To hangouts with friends and you can also wear this watch to a wedding ceremony. The universal appeal of the silver band lets you wear this watch with all sorts of clothing in your wardrobe. If you are a looking for a really smart watch at a low price, this is the one for you.

About the brand :

When it comes to making stylish watches for men there is hardly any brand that can compare to Casio. Casio ahs won the hearts of men with their extremely good-looking watches that also are very functional. Another excellent quality of this brand is that the watches that they make are built to last a long time. They can withstand the wear and tear and will keep working for a very long time. The design of these watches is a perfect mixture of style, durability and functionality. The new line of digital watches of Casio comes in a budget that is quite affordable and they are strikingly good to look at as well. If you are looking for a branded watch at a budget, this is the perfect option for you. All the watches of this collection are available at junglee. As you compare the process of the watch with other websites you would see that junglee is actually asking for the lowest price.

Product Features :

the watch ahs a grey dial that is square in shape. The display of the watch is digital. The band of the watch is made of resin of genuine quality. The band is very strong and durable and at the same time is very good to look at as well. The watch has an automatic movement.

The watch is one of the most sensible creations of Casio in the recent times. It is one of those smarty designed Casio watches that can be sported to any occasion. One can wear it to work, while hanging out with friends, while on a date and even on special occasions like marriage ceremonies and anniversareees. The watch can also be a perfect gift to give to a loved one. You can mix and match different kind of clothes with the silver band of the watch. You can find this watch along with all other options in the As you compare the prices you would see that junglee is actually offering the lowest price for the watches. Shopping from junglee is quite an enjoyable process as it is free from any sort of hassles. You can simply place your order and the watch would be delivered to you at you house where you can pay with cash.

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Product Details
Brand Casio
Target Audience Men
Watch Movement Automatic
Watch Display digital
Band Colour Grey
Band Material Resin

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