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ACTION Blue Mesh Sports Shoe Men IM55

ACTION Blue Mesh Sports Shoe Men IM55

Colour Green
Size 9
Material Mesh/ PU, Mesh
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Overview: ACTION Green Men's Shoes

If you've decided to start working out and you've opted to go running every day, you definitely need the right kind of shoes for that. To make a proper decision, you first need to know the purpose of each shoe that you consider. Sports shoes is a generic term for a wide range of shoes, starting from running shoes (what you should be looking for) and going on to football shoes.

The ACTION Blue Mesh Sports Shoe is definitely a running shoe. And it's definitely what you're looking for. With noticeable blue meshes at the toe cap and at the sides, this shoe looks rather stylish and who would say no to that? While the other parts of the shoe are a duller blue, the laces and the shoe collar are a bright blue to give you various shades of the same colour. Multicoloured shoes may seem a little immature so single-coloured, stylish sports shoes should do the job for you.

The brand name, however, is embedded in yellow on the tongue of the shoe and the brand logo, also in yellow, is to the side. This blue mesh sports shoe also has a couple of features that make it a good choice for running shoes. For instance, there is a considerable amount of cushioning in the insole along with padded collar and tongue. Cushioning, in general, helps to reduce the amount of strain in your legs when you run. When you're running, you often place a lot of weight on your toes so cushioning helps to ease some of the tension.

There are also hard-ground studs at the back of the shoe. Studs are projections attached to the shoe to give you a better grip when you run. This is especially useful when you're running in a smooth, slippery surface where slipping is a huge possibility.

So buy this ACTION Blue Sports Shoes and start running down the path to be healthier!

Features: ACTION Green Men's Shoes

  • Cushioned insole with padded collar and tongue.
  • Hard-ground studs for maximum traction.
  • Ultra-lightweight PVC sole.
  • Cash on Delivery
  • 30 Days Free Return
Product Details
Manufacturer Action Dotcom
Model Number IM55
Colour Green
Target Audience Men
Size 9
Material Mesh/ PU, Mesh
Sole Material PVC

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