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Blur - Playstation 3

Blur - Playstation 3

ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
Manufacturer ACTIVISION
Platform Playstation 3
Video Game Region NTSC U/C
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Overview: Blur - Playstation 3

From the house of Activision comes an electrifying PC game called Blur - Playstation 3 which has taken the gaming arena by storm. It has taken the new age gaming freak like you to the next level, as it were. The development and design of this particular game was done by professionals and their hard work has paid off. The popularity of the game is a testament to its development.

About Activision

It is a computer and play station game developing house located in Santa Monica, California, USA. Founded somewhere in the year 1979, it has come up with spectacular and electrifying games one after the other for the past 35 years. Apart from Blur - Playstation 3, some of the other games which emerged from its house and entertained global gamer's are Medal of Honor, Allied Assault, Spy Hunter Series, the ever popular Guitar Hero and many more.

About Blur

This game was released somewhere in the first half of 2010 and gaming freaks all round the globe were super excited to own the game pack from the very moment of its release. The game is all about fast cars and fierce races on one of the difficult and rough tracks ever imagined in the virtual world. The backdrop of this ravishing game is located in different set ups through out the world and the racer needs to drive through tough challenges and obstacles to reach the finishing line. The cars, the movement, the drift, the realism and props seen on the game screen are depicted as real life objects, courtesy goes to the high quality graphics. The single player is the protagonist of the game and it is through him that the gamer takes part in the race and crosses one level after the another to achieve and complete all the missions. This is indeed a must buy game for all play station game lovers who have a play station back at home. Now you can even buy Activision Blur - Playstation 3 online from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep without fail within a matter of a few days.

How to Play

The user just needs to insert the CD ROM in the slot in the Playsation and be part of the action right away. Instructions are provided to control the car. The visual manual also denotes which button the user should press on the gaming console and the remote control to make the cars perform certain functions. The gamer is made to go through several levels, and until and unless the previous level is accomplished, the next level does not get unlocked. The background score, the backdrop scenery and undoubtedly, the cars make it one of the most entertaining action games in modern times. The popularity of this game tells the tale of its future success.

The quality of graphics and sound is improved and enhances the over all quality and entertainment value of Blur - Playstation 3. The look of the cars and the racing tracks is transformed to something really advanced, never seen or heard of before. This game includes spectacular action moves and a gallery of options and modes which makes this game one of the best in the business. The main attraction of this game lies in the fierce race and the obstructions and barriers the racer has to go through.

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Features: Blur - Playstation 3

  • Real Racing - Stunning racing environments in real world locations and licensed cars that look and feel great
  • Power-ups - Collect addictive dynamic power-ups and use them independently or combo three of the same power-up strategically to gain an advantage over your competition
  • Cinematic Realism - Experience insane collisions with licensed photo-realistic cars flipping and rolling with panels crumpling and bumpers ripping off - all brought to life with panning, cinematic camera work
  • Multi-player - Features 4-player split-screen and online multiplayer supporting competitive and cooperative game play for up to 20 racers, including team racing, objective based events and custom groups
  • Unique multiplayer modes are immediately shared through Blur's social network
Product Details
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
Manufacturer ACTIVISION
Operating System Playstation 3
Platform Playstation 3
Video Game Region NTSC U/C
Release Date May 25, 2010
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 16.5 cm x 13.7 cm x 1.5 cm

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