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Ashton AGL65 Electric Guitar
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Ashton AGL65 Electric Guitar

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Product Description

Love Guns N Roses and Nirvana? Then you've got to be a guitar fan? These bands were known for the soul stirring music that they created and the guitar was an integral and inseparable part of their tunes. The main reason for people liking their music was in fact their finesse and expertise in guitar playing. These bands inspired many to take to guitar playing. Even today, there are so many people who love playing the guitar. You can find a lot of children going to music classes with a guitar slung over their shoulders. The most appealing factor of a guitar is its ability to relieve a person of any kind of stress or tension he is feeling. Playing a guitar is one of the most relaxing activities that one can indulge in. There are different kinds of guitars such as - acoustic guitar, jazz guitars, Spanish guitars and electric guitars. All of them are different in their construction and the kind of sound they emit. If you are interested in playing a guitar, you can get in touch with an instructor who will advice on which guitar to choose. Electric guitars are the most appealing of the lost and usually used by advanced level players. An electric guitar is heavier as compared to other guitars and gives you a wider range of playing options. If you are a guitar enthusiast, you should check out the Ashton AGL65 Electric Guitar.

The Ashton AGL65 is a unique product that can help you make your gui playing sessions even more enjoyable. This guitar has a beautiful black and white body. While the fret board of the guitar has a sleek body in black colour, the body of this electric guitar comes in a spotless white body. Volume and tone control keys are provided on the body of the guitar. This guitar offers a smart design that allows you to hold it comfortably while playing, without feeling its weight. This guitar weighs about 4.6 kg, but the slim body allows you to handle it with ease. This guitar comes with a smart cover where you can store it after use. The cover of the guitar is made of high quality material which is sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. The cover provided with the guitar provides protection to your guitar from dust, grime and moisture and keep it shiny and as good as new for a longer time.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Ashton, which is a Sydney based brand. This company is best known for its high quality musical instruments, particularly guitars. The other products manufactured by Ashton include bass, violin, drum kits, amplifiers, PA systems, keyboards etc.

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