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Product Description

The experience of listening to music or speeches and watching movies on your mobile phone is significantly influenced by the quality of sound. If you consider music an important part of your life and want to listen to every note and detail of the audio track, then you need a good headset. Have you been searching for a pair of good headphones for a long time? Do you not find the right set of earphones because they are either expensive or not up to the mark? Have you given up on the search for the right headset? Before you make the decision to compromise on the sound quality you want, buy Vava HFAPP-5G/5S1 hands free stereo earphone online today. This pair of earphones will not just meet your requirements but they may easily exceed your expectations. This pair of 3.5 mm earphones have been exclusively designed for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5G and the iPhone 5C. Apple products are considered among the best in the world, so the headphones exclusively made for iPhone users can be expected to be high in quality as well. That is not all. You will not have to waste time searching for a good headset at various stores anymore as you can place the order for the earphones right from the comfort of your own home. When you shop online, the device gets delivered to your preferred address within a few days or so. Moreover, you get the advantage of flexible payment options too. Therefore, shopping for a pair of earphones online is a complete solution for your sound cravings.

Features and Design of the Vava iPhone Hands-Free Earphones

Products manufactured by Apple are not only good in quality but are also compatible with only the best of third party products. Vava has manufactured this pair of earphones to meet the standard maintained by Apple. If you are the user of an Apple product, then your demand for only the best products is your right. The Vava iPhone 3.5 mm earphone will meet your expectations in terms of both appearance and design. It has a streamlined design with earplugs that give a good fit. The all-white look of the device adds to its subtlety. The earplugs of the Vava headphone set are almost spherical and easily slip into your ears. It has been designed in such a way that it occupies your ear hole completely without hurting the soft, internal linings. In this way it does not let any external sound enter your ears. Thus, whatever sound reaches your eardrums is the sound transmitted by the earphones only. The earplugs have a circular aperture right in the middle. There are smaller elliptical apertures on the sides as well. Therefore, you get to experience maximum sound and best quality. So why wait anymore? Shop online for Vava iPhone earphones today!

Speciality of the Earphones

Sleek designs and good quality sound are the main specialities of this pair of 3.5 mm hands-free earphones manufactured by Vava. The exclusivity of the earphones that are compatible with iPhones is another factor that Apple users can boast of. Not many devices are available for which accessories are exclusively developed. Another significant feature of this pair of earphones is its hands-free nature. Therefore, you will not have to reach out for your device every time you need to change the track or adjust the volume. The cable of this headset is made from high quality materials and can resist rough handling that comes with regular use. It can also be stored easily. Thus, this pair of earphones for iPhones is a complete solution for all those who do not want to compromise on sound quality.

Maintenance, Care and Storage Tips for the pair of hands-free earphones

You always need to ensure that the nozzle of the earplugs do not get exposed to water or any liquids. Water or other liquids can adversely affect the quality of sound. Besides, you should avoid dropping the earphones from your hand from a considerable height. This is because sudden shock or harsh blows can damage the earphones and the sound quality. There are special wax removing devices that you can use to clean the nozzle of the earplugs. You should clean the cables regularly too. There are antiseptic cleaners available in the market for taking care of your pair of earphones. They are the best option for cleaning devices like this one. There is also another thing you must remember. You should always read the user manual before you start cleaning any electronic device or accessory. The biggest mistake that many earphone users make is to wind the cable so tight that it gets damaged. Winding is the only way to store the earphones, but you should wind the cables lightly and make a relatively larger loop.

Key Highlights


Sleek design

White colour

Spherical earplugs

iPhone 5, 5S, 5G, 5C

Product Features

  • Comfortable stereo headset that gives you hands free capabilities
  • Volume and Audio audio controls for skipping tracks on click or pause music and answering calls
  • Comfortable in-ear design blocks out external noise and remain comfortably in your ear
  • Earpiece has a moulded shape for a perfect fit and a gold plated plug for a perfect audio connection
  • 3.5mm Hands-free Stereo Headset is for you to use to carry hands-free calls via your cell phone or just enjoy listening to music on your phone
Product Details
Manufacturer VAVA
Brand VAVA
Model Number HFAPP-5G/5S1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 13.7 cm x 2.9 cm

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Overall Rating 1.9 out of 5 stars
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