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Aashiqui 2 earrings sky blue polki pearls jhumka earrings

Aashiqui 2 earrings sky blue polki pearls jhumka earrings

Material Pearl
Brand Shree mauli creation
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: Aashiqui 2 earrings sky blue polki pearls jhumka earrings

Every woman should have jhumka earrings in her jewelry box. In India, jhumka earrings are a traditional fashion from ancient times. Its design is ageless and it is in vogue from years. As earrings are the most important part of jewelry, it goes well with any occasion. Jhumka earrings are timeless and are popular from the time of courtesan; they wore large jhumka earrings to attract men. Today, jhumka earrings are set in silver, gold and platinum with precious and semi precious stones etched on it.

Jhumka earrings are actually a large size chandelier shaped earrings mostly in circular, dome shaped and sometimes conical shaped too. It is designed as a large golden bell with a large drop of pearl or stone attached inside the outer dome and end in a lace of tiny golden droplets. In India, every region has its own distinct style of jhumka. There are many materials used in making a jhumka earring such as pearl, gold, oxidize and silver. A jhumka earring may have gold tassel attached to the edge and sometimes beads, gemstones and semi precious stones are also attached to it.

Different Types of Jhumka Earrings:

One of the traditional jhumka earrings is of gold designed with delicate filigree. A jhumka may be single, double and sometime triple layered. As South India, is always different in jewelry making and designs from others. The traditional South Indian Jhumkas also known as Bharatnatyam jhumkas or jhimkis have a specialty of their own. They are studded with red kemp stones surrounded by tiny pearls on the outer dome. South Indian Jhumkas have ear chains that are called Maattal or kaan chain attached to the earring. These jhumkas are worn over the ear and are fixed from the hair.

Silver jhumkas can be called Gujarati style jhumkas and are popular during Navratri festival. These jhumkas have a classy look this is why it goes well with ghagra-choli. Instead of the usual semicircular shape of jhumka these are conical shaped made from oxidized. One of the most colorful jhumka is the Meenakari jhumka originated from Rajasthan and Jaipur. These are glossy and enameled jhumkas and mostly have multicolored floral, paisley and peacock design. Meenakari jhumkas are like made-to-order; it goes well with any color outfit, as you will get many colors in one jhumka. Another similar jhumka is Kundan work jhumka that are mostly combined with gold. Another interesting and unique form of jhumka is hoop jhumka. Even bangles with jhumka attached to it are popular these days. However, one should remember that jhumka earring and jhumka bangles do not go well together as it look too much. Crystal jhumkas are for those who do not like the traditional gold jhumka earrings. For a teenage girl crystal jhumka is the most stylish piece of jewelry. Famous pearl jhumkas from Hyderabad are a perfect accessory for a woman who searches for traditional yet modern jewelry. The traditional pearl jhumka with modern design offers a rich look. Apart from these, today's latest trend is Kashmiri jhumka that have become a wedding jewelry. These jhumkas are studded with stones and pearls that are attached to a long chain. The long chain is worn either behind the ear or can be pinned up to the hair.

Shree Mauli's Aashiqui 2 Polki Pearls Jhumka Earrings:

As Bollywood is the centre of fashion, it always inspired woman to get stylish and to wear jewelries similar to those wore by the actors. However, not everyone can afford such expensive piece of jewelry. But, Shree Mauli's Aashiqui 2 polki pearls jhumka earrings is providing you the earrings similar to that earring wore by the actress in Aaashiqui 2. It is affordable, metal based; blue in color, studded with pearl. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry from Shree Mauli, great for wearing in wedding, parties and in some other special occasions. Its unique design will make you feel special and stylish.

Product Details
Material Pearl
Brand Shree mauli creation
Colour Name Blue
Metal Type Base Metal

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