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Above Average

Above Average

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Harpercollins
Arindam Chatterjee floats from the middle-class security of his home in East Delhi to the fiercely competitive world of the Indian Institute of Technology and onwards to the East Coast of the US. He encounters rock musicians and coaching-class nerds, mathematical geniuses and ountaineers, ill-fated underachievers pursuing big dreams and overachievers who are never satisfied. On his journey he begins to realize that his life is a confused tangle of ambitions and aspirations, some attainable, some not and some hanging tantalizingly in between. Imbued with a gentle humour, and lauded for its honesty and lucid prose, Amitabha Bagchis bestselling debut novel is a story of adulthood being forged out of adolescence; a story about wanting, always wanting, without necessarily knowing why you want.
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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Great book with heart touching story 25 June, 2014 On
    Well this book will draw attention of all IIT graduates rather i would say all the engineering graduates because in every engineering college the environment is more or less same.This will sensitize you tickles you and bring you back to your old days of your college where things were more beautiful. This book emphasize on the importance of friendship and how much it is important in your life. Moreover delhites will find it a bit more amusing and interesting because the web of the story has been weaved in the background of Delhi. Every individual has dreams and passions but only few have the courage to live them because the society we live in drives most of your action and we rarely find ourselves acting as a rebellion. But everyone has a renegade inside that keeps fueling the fire of your passions.
    It will remind you the days when you used to study hard to crack the entrance exam , the kind of pressures you had, the kind of environment you lived in and the kind of some bizarre things happening around you though you chose to be non-nonchalant.
    We all have hierarchies of friends meaning thereby , in school we have friend, in college we have friend , in our colony we have friends and most interestingly if you try to analyze you will end up finding that how different all your friends are , how different they are as an individual , in terms of passions , in terms of dreams in terms of having a perspective towards life and the most enigmatic thing that enthralls me the fact that despite of these lots of disparity we are bonded together.

    You feel a sense of deja-vu. you will think of the very first day when you attended the lecture of some professor which was called by some Nick name like Joshi, Mk, LKD and there were many abbreviations and this happens almost everywhere. Initially during the ragging period it is the fear that bring us closer and help develop the friendship among batch mates but later on when we get to know each other well, we establish rapport and tree of friendship flourishes.You remember sitting on the broken bench sipping tea in cold wintry evening outside the campus, how you used to cast glances on the beautiful young dames happened to pass by and how amusing were their response on your foolish actions.The hostel room equipped with the least paraphernalia and other amenities just to survive and crowded with more people than it can accommodate.Someone smoking , someone lying on the bad flicking over the pages of some porn magazine and few are found to have indulged in their passions like guitar painting, singing and so on so forth.
    How enthusiastic we used to be during departmental festivals because we had the ample opportunities to patao many beautiful girls you were not fortunate enough to join our college and how economically we utilized all the opportunities that too in fierce competition.There were so many guys to maaro line on those young beautiful sexy chicks.
    Those days filled with minors , majors , unannounced quizzes, tutorials , labs are still live in our memories somewhere in the nook. The professors who were big shot in their fields and how hard it was to get their recommendation for the research and PHD. Some professors had beautiful daughters and how we used to devise techniques to visit their home that too on very weired pretexts.
    We all are very different and it is the friendship that bridge these differences.
    Our friends stood by us in the most difficult times.How we used to harmonize the different levels of friendship. One of our friend is a great drummer in IIT , a batch mate and other one is running a shop in our colony.
    This is about touching your friends at the core, being their accomplice in their crimes, being their partner in success and sorrow, touching their dreams , flying high with them...Reliving the golden past ..a reminder of the revitalizing college days....
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