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Accedre Mini Electric Sewing Machine With Battery / Electricity Power Mode And Pedal

Accedre Mini Electric Sewing Machine With Battery / Electricity Power Mode And Pedal

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Product Description

The Accedre mini electric sewing machine with battery, an electric power mode and a pedal, could be a great gift to your mother. In a congested city like Mumbai place is the most vital commodity, it is for this precise reason that in house sewing machines have slowly phased out due to their size.

The art of sewing and the personal touch is something that has been part of our culture and everyday life. Accedre mini electric sewing machine makes the impractical practical by allowing you to create the most beautiful designs hassle free therefore bringing back the joy of stitching.

The machine is pre threaded and it helps you sew a durable locking stitch fix. The size is compact and the body is very light. This makes the sewing machine portable and therefore easy to handle and carry. Stitching has never been so easy, fun and convenient.

The accedre sewing machine is created keeping in mind the classic sewing machine, it gives you the comfort of working on a classic sewing machine but has eliminated the hassles of size and speed. The machine provides enough space to guide the cloth while sewing and alloy gears to support durability.

It comes with a foot control which is small in size and makes working the machine very easy and labor free. The machine is made user friendly and comes with a rewinding device so that the bottom bobbin can be easily replaced.

Using a sewing machine for a non professional becomes very easy with the accedre mini which is completely electronic and with just a plug in it is ready to make all your problems of broken buttons, torn pants and ripped skirts go away.

Sewing is no longer just a woman's game with the accedre mini electric machine anyone and everyone can use it to mend clothes, stitch curtains or even create lovely designs on pillow covers and bed sheets. Men no longer have to wait for their mothers, wives or sisters to bail them out of situations where they have needed a quick stitch. The accedre mini electric sewing machine is the quick solution to fix any emergency.

Mornings can be hassle free, where previously a favorite shirt missing a button could ruin your whole day ,with the accedre mini electric sewing machine in the house those days are long gone

. The mini electric sewing machine is very easy to maintain and requires a 4AA'batteries (Not Included) or Ac Adapter with Two Speed Control. Surprising your loved one with initials stitched on a handkerchief is now easy , the mini sewing machine has a light which can make sewing easier when more light is needed.

The machine comes with :- four Metal bobbins (one metal bobbin fitted in the machine) one Foot pedal two Needles (one in machine & one extra) , one Needle threader and one Adapter. This compact, efficient Accedre Mini Electric Sewing Machine With Battery / Electricity Power mode and Pedal is currently available at at a great price


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