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Adidas Deodorant Men CIL-432
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Adidas Deodorant Men CIL-432

Lowest online price: 179
Target Gender Male
Scent Ice Dive
Product Weight 150 grams
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Overview: Adidas Deodorant Men Cil-432

Perfumes, originally known called parfums, are a mixture of the essential fragrant oils and aroma compounds that have been incorporated to give the body a pleasant fragrance. Modern day perfumes were introduced in the late 19th century that consisted of a synthesis of coumarin and vanilla. The intensity and longevity of a perfume's fragrance usually depends on the concentration of the aromatic compound that is used in it. Perfumes have been much in popular demand for their fragrant benefits and are often used as a necessity by both women and men. The amount of perfumes being produced in the market is innumerable, leading to people owning a large array of perfumes that they could add to their dressing tables and daily grooming routine. If you are on the lookout for a regular deodorant for everyday use then this Adidas Deodorant Men Ice Dive is the perfect option for you.

Product Features:

A deodorant is a substance that is applied to the body in order to prevent body odour that is caused by the breakdown of bacteria in areas of the body. A subgroup of deodorants called antiperspirants result in affect odour as well by preventing excessive sweating by affecting the body's sweat glands. While purchasing a deodorant for yourself, since it is applied to the body, it is usually recommended that a person should try the deodorant on a small area of the skin initially, so as to make sure that he or she does not have an allergic skin reaction to it. Deodorants have been a boon for people who remain out of the house for a long period of time, play sports or work in the heat for a long duration. The first commercial deodorant that was introduced was called "Mum" and it was patented during the late nineteenth century. Today, deodorants are regulated and classified as cosmetics by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been designed to eliminate body odour of people all over the world. Deodorants are generally alcohol-based, while alcohol is initially responsible for stimulating sweating, it also does have properties that temporarily kill bacteria. Deodorants such as these can be formulated with a few more persistent antimicrobials that include triclosan, metal chelant compounds that slow down the process of bacterial growth. Deodorants can also contain the fragrances of perfumes or the usual natural essential oils that are intended to mask the odour of perspiration of a person. This Adidas Men's Deodorant Ice Dive is a fragrant and unique combination of reviving and exhilarating fragrances that are responsible for keeping you cool and fresh all through the day. The deodorant has an active formula that gives you your total required protection from body odour and perspiration. This Adidas Ice Dive deodorant has a fresh ozonic fragrance with an extra cooling sensation that keep you feeling fresh through the day, with a cooling and light fragrance, typical for a hot summer's day. It also has a 24 hour fresh power technology that does not allow the fragrance of the deodorant to die after a few hours, but continues to maintain its powerful fragrance throughout the day, without you having to apply it more than once. The bottle of the deodorant looks stylish as well, in a combination of blue and black, true to its name, Ice Dive. It consist of an innovative convenient cap free actuator that does not require the hassle of opening the cap in order to spray the deodorant. Just press the nozzle of the actuator and spray the deodorant on yourself. This Adidas Ice Dive for men deodorant is the perfect option for those who wish to remain cool and feel fresh through a long day. The bottle is not too bulky and can be carried in your bag, feel free to spray it whenever you wish.

Adidas as a Brand:

Adidas, along with being a well known and popular sports equipment manufacturer, also has its own popular range of attractive and effective deodorants that have become a rage amongst both men and women worldwide. Adidas fulfills the necessities of deodorants that include the basic compulsion of holding up for a long period of time which is a requisite ingredient to strictly fight body odour on a long and warm summer.  Many deodorant brands well known for their production of excellent fragrant deodorants but Adidas wins the race when it comes to the effect of being long lasting, as a result of which it is so widely popular. These deodorants by the brand smell good, stay on the body for a period of long time, in turn, minimizing the need for constant spraying every now and then. There are a number of variants that are available that one could choose from with each of them offering a distinct aroma that is different from the other and all being alluring and pleasing. The Ice Dive, Victory League and Team Force deodorants are some of the popular deodorants for men that Adidas has to offer. They come in the 150 ml size bottles that have the capacity to last for around a month, depending on the frequency of usage. Adidas as a brand, thus promises a fragrant and comfortable Summer for you, in the form of these deodorants.

Shop online for this Adidas Deodorant Men Ice Dive and welcome a fresh and fragrant summer!

Features: Adidas Deodorant Men Cil-432

  • Adidas Ice Dive Deodorant 5 Fl Oz / 150ml Spray Developed with Athletes & Cool Tech Fresh 24 Hour Boost
Product Details
Manufacturer Adidas
Manufacturer Part Number 137475
Brand Adidas
Model Number 3607345387321
Target Gender Male
Scent Ice Dive
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 150 grams

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