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Adidas Phantom Running Shoes | Shoe Size (UK/Indian) 8 | Color Multicolour

Adidas Phantom Running Shoes | Shoe Size (UK/Indian) 8 | Color Multicolour

Brand Adidas
Size 8
Material Synthetic
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Overview: Adidas Multicolour Shoes

Adidas Phantom Running Shoes helps you to remain fit in a comfortable way. These shoes provide proper support and cushioning to your feet so that you do not feel tired even after running a long distance. The shoes are also well-built to withstand rough terrain. Make your workouts and physical activity time more productive with the help of these shoes.

Comfortable Design

Adidas Phantom Running Shoes is designed to provide you a comfortable running experience. The shoes come with padding to provide relief to your feet. Its careful design also ensures that your feet and arches get better support. These design measures ensure that you can run long distances without hurting your feet. The shoes feature lace grips to ensure that the shoes properly fit your feet, minimizing the chances of injuries. The shoes also have a mesh upper so that your feet can breathe properly. It not only ensures the proper health of your feet, but also lets them feel fresh even if they remain in the shoes for a long time. Now, you do not need to endure sweaty and smelly feet. Make your feet smell fresher with the help of the modern design of these shoes. Make your workouts fun and productive with these shoes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Adidas Phantom Running Shoes are not only well-structured but also have an attractive design. These shoes add a touch of fun to your whole personality. The pleasant design of these shoes will ensure that your shoes get noticed by everyone. These shoes are sturdy and lightweight at the same time. These are made from high-quality material and will remain intact for a long time. The shoes are also easy to maintain as these can be easily cleaned with a cloth and a brush. With their rubber outsole, these shoes are comfy too. You can run over rugged terrain with these shoes as these protect your sole from accidental bumps. The shoes also come with deep traction to offer you a proper grip over the ground. These shoes are comfortable, attractive and durable. To get this product, you can place the order online.

Product Details
Manufacturer Adidas
Brand Adidas
Colour Name Multicolour
Size 8
Material Synthetic

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Comfortable and style !!!! 10 March, 2014 On
    I bought this shoe last November and am really satisfied with its performance. I am an rough and tough user and use it for jogging, college, in any environment. Here are the pros:
    1. Shoe is very comfortable with no sprain or anything.
    2. The sideways cushion and bottom cushion really makes your feet feel delighted.
    3. The sole didn't wear so much even after so much of use.
    4. Its sporty in nature and looks.

    Cons :
    1.The colour is white which gets dirty easily.
    2. The good height people will get more height ,that may be problem some time.

    So ,Adiidas being brand name in shoes. With such a reasonable price, I ll recommend every one to go for these shoes.
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