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Adult Baby, Diapered Bundle (ABDL, Forced Regression, Age Play)
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Adult Baby, Diapered Bundle (ABDL, Forced Regression, Age Play)[Kindle Edition]

Language English
Contributor(s) Candy Sax
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Adult Baby

A bundle of three Candy Sax diapered stories <br> <br>Diapered To Pay My Rent <br> <br>For the second month in a row, Jamie can't make her rent. Her landlord gives her a choice, eviction, or be his baby girl for a day. With nowhere else to go, Jamie decides to spend her Saturday dressed in a fluffy jump suit making baby noises, but is she prepared for the humiliation of playing with toys, messy diapers, 'time outs' sitting in the corner and special adult pacifiers? <br> <br>Diapered In The Naughty Corner <br> <br>Anna has been a naughty girl. Busted by her boyfriend giving her boss a blow job, she returns home expecting to be punished for her infidelity. What she doesn't expect is to be treated like a two year old and forced to sit in the naughty corner wearing nothing but an oversized diaper. <br> <br>Diapered By Santa <br> <br>Jessica has been a BAD girl. She was naughty when she was growing up and has continued misbehaving at college. When she gets home late on Christmas eve, she meets a not so jolly Santa, who has come to set her straight. Forced to relive some of the terrible things she's done in the passed year, Jessica remembers what it's like be two years old, unable to walk or talk and to be stuck in a messy wet diaper. Will Jessica reform herself, or fall back to her old naughty ways? <br> <br> <br>WARNING: This 12800+ word erotic short story contains adult themes and language, depicting explicit descriptions of nudity, hard sex, messy adult diapers and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date November 27, 2013
Contributor(s) Candy Sax
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 34
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