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Aesopu Kathakal

Aesopu Kathakal

Language Malayalam
Contributor(s) Sankaranarayanan P I
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: Aesopu Kathakal

The book 'Aesopu Kathakal' is a wonderful reading material for young kids in Malayalam language. This book contains some fascinating tales from Aesopu stories and engages the children through these tales. These tales are full of wit, wisdom, bravery and courage. The book is designed keeping in mind the interests of young children, and every care is taken to make sure that the children are attracted to this book. The cover and the other pages of this book are highly attractive and impressive. The use of colors and fonts is amazing, and the children will find it great. Plus there are ample picture and images which make the story simple and make the content engaging. This book will inculcate the habit of reading among kids and at the same time will teach them some important lessons in life.

The Aesopu Kathakal' includes the best and the most powerful tales from Aesopu stories. All these stories use animals, birds and humans as their central characters and showcase how good always wins over the bad. Plus the importance of wit, wisdom, bravery, courage, adventure and patience are told. Thus, this is a highly useful book for young children who have started reading. The language and the use of words is simple so that children will easily understand the morals of these stories.

DC books is the leading publishing house in south India having a national presence. The publishing house is responsible for publishing some of the most famous books in Malayalam. The publishing house operates in various genres including fiction books and children literature. Some of their famous books include The Light and the Blind and KALANHUPOYA SABDAM.

For online shoppers this book is available in hardcover binding. It has an ISBN 10 number of 8171300618 and ISBN 13 number of 978-8171300617.

Features: Aesopu Kathakal

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Product Details
Language Malayalam
Publication Date January 1, 2006
Publisher D C Books
Contributor(s) Sankaranarayanan P I
Binding Hardcover
Edition 17th
ISBN 10 8171300618
ISBN 13 9788171300617
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 350 grams
Product Dimensions 5.5 cm x 0.5 cm x 8.3 cm
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