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Airless Paint Spray Gun Electric

Airless Paint Spray Gun Electric

Brand BakerSmart
Model Number BSRM01114
Size 300 grams
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Product Description

Are you moving into a new house and need to paint certain part of it? Or are you simply revamping your old home and wish to give a make over to an old shelf or chair? Now, if your answer is yes and you do not wish to go into the whole hassle of painting with a brush and create mess, then you don't need to worry as now you can own the Airless Paint Spray Gun Electric by bakerSmart very easily. One of the most popular and trusted brands, bakerSmart ensures to deliver top quality products for the users. BakerSmart products are made under stringent quality norms and it significantly minimises the hassle of household work. This electric spray paint machine is no exception. Take a look at the product features before you opt for it.

Style, design and function

This paint sprayer is more convenient to use than most spray tools and the user friendly features makes it easy for you to paint objects much faster. This paint sprayer sports a contemporary, sleek and ergonomic design and is easy for you to hold and use it as well. The spray bottle comes in white colour and the sprayer comes in black colour. The speciality of this sprayer is that it comes with a stroke adjustment knob which allows you to attain the correct atomisation of the paint and along with it also control the force of the spray. This ensures that you can spray a particular object without any hassle and evenly as well. The fast action trigger of this spray also allows you to have instant control of the spray. The special non-conductive housing also ensures maximum safety from any kind of electrical hazards'. Along with this the heavy duty spark-free motor eliminates the chance of spark and ensures to last for many hours with the system warming up. The spray holder allows you to hold appropriate quantity of paint and you can paint on without any discomfort. The input power of this spray paint is 45W and the container capacity is 900ml.

Why opt for the Airless Paint Spray Gun Electric by bakerSmart?

Gone are the days when painting was a hassle. This spray paint gun is connected to a high pressure pump which forces the paint through a minute hole that is in the gun's nozzle. This mist allows you to achieve a very smooth and even coating. Moreover, it is also easy to produce a thick and uniform coating on the first pass; this means that much fewer coatings are required. Secondly, the paint also fills small crevices which are much better than conventional paint brushes and rollers. Not just this, the paint that comes from an airless spray paint gun is wet, therefore, sticks to the surface in a much better manner. The drying time of the paints is also much less when you are using a spray paint and therefore, releases less chemical in the air. Now, you can complete small paint jobs without much difficulty.

How to take care of the Airless Paint Spray Gun Electric by bakerSmart?

Taking care of thiselectric spray gun is not much difficult. However, like every other tool, regular maintenance would ensure longevity of the product. One thing that is important for you to remember here is that is that you must clean the sprayer after every use. You also need to clean the pump preserver along with the compressor and the nozzle for a thorough and clean up and in turn it will ensure that this spray gun will work for a long time to come. While cleaning this spray gun, always remember to remove the plug from the socket. This product is now available online. So, you can buy Airless Paint Spray Gun Electric online, without leaving the comforts of your home.

Key features at a glance

Contemporary, sleek and ergonomic design

Easy to use

User-friendly functions

Easy to clean and maintain

Product Details
Brand BakerSmart
Model Number BSRM01114
Colour Name Multicolour
Size 300 grams
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 300 grams

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