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Ajanta OLC 302 Digital LED Clock

Ajanta OLC 302 Digital LED Clock

Lowest online price: 1,220
Brand Ajanta
Model Number OLC-302
Colour Black
Material Plastic
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Overview: Ajanta OLC 302 Digital LED Clock

"Time and tide waits for none".

The saying is extremely true because time indeed, does not wait for anyone. It comes and is gone within the blink of an eye. Nothing can subdue the power of time and try to keep it from rushing past us. The most striking feature of time is that it is extremely precious and valuable. Even a single minute has the capacity to make you victorious. A fraction of a second could probably help in making a difference between life and death. Because of this, every moment of time brings a thousand golden opportunities with it with every minute being a store-house of promising chances. Hence, we should take it upon ourselves to never allow something as precious as time to slip away from our hands. It is necessary to make every minute count. Clocks have been the most reliable companion of people all over the world, allowing us to make the most of time by referring to clocks. If you are on the lookout for a smart clock that is reliable and also looks impressive then this Ajanta OLC 302 Digital LED Clock would be a good option for you.

Product Features:

A digital clock is a clock that displays the time digitally either in symbols or numerals as opposed to an analog clock in which time is indicated by the positions of the hands that rotate. Digital clocks are usually associated with electronic drives, with the word 'digital' referring only to the display of the clock and not the drive mechanism. Digital clocks use 50 or 60 hertz oscillation of an AC power or a 32,768 hertz crystal oscillator in the quartz clock to keep time. Digital clocks often display the hour in the day as 24-hour format. The emulations of an analog-style clock often makes use of an LCD screen, and is described as 'digital'. In order to represent the time, digital clocks make use of a seven-segment LED display for each of its four digits. These clocks generally also include a variety of other elements that indicate whether the time is in AM or PM.  This Ajanta Clock has a digital led display that can be viewed even in the dark with the numerals lighting up brightly. The clock is small and compact, perfect to be able to sit on your study table or even the wall. Black in colour, this clock displays not only the time but also the date, the month and the year in red. It also features the day of the week and the temperature of the day. Compact and yet well spaced out, the clock looks neat and attractive. You could also choose to opt for the 12 hour or 24 hour format depending on your convenience. Made of durable plastic and a glass surface, this clock ensures durability and lasts long for years to come. Ajanta promises complete performance with this clock.

Various Uses of a Digital Clock:

Digital clocks have various uses and are popular for their smart looks and performances. Because digital clocks tend to be very small and inexpensive gadgets, they enhance the popularity because they come in various attractive sizes that can be used anywhere you wish, even in the smallest of places. They are often incorporated in various kinds of devices such as radios, cars, microwave ovens, televisions, standard ovens, cell phones and computers.

Key Highlights:

Manufacturer: Ajanta

Type: Digital

Warranty: 1 year.

Shop online for this Ajanta OLC 302 Digital LED Clock, and make every minute count. Time is precious and this clock helps you value time as well as enhances the décor of your home, giving it a very classy and sophisticated look.

Features: Ajanta OLC 302 Digital LED Clock

  • Clock works with an electric connection only
  • batteries are reserved to maintain timings during power shutdowns
  • Color : Black
Product Details
Manufacturer Ajanta Quartz
Brand Ajanta
Model Number OLC-302
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Batteries Required Yes

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