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Algorithm Design: Foundations, Analysis and Internet Examples

Algorithm Design: Foundations, Analysis and Internet Examples

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Wiley
This text addresses the often neglected issue of how to actually implement data structures and algorithms. The title Algorithm Engineering reflects the authors' approach that designing and implementing algorithms takes more than just the theory of algorithms. It also involves engineering design principles, such as abstract data types, object-orient design patterns, and software use and robustness issues. Table Of Contents: Part I Fundamental Tools ?Algorithm Analysis ?Basic Data Structures ?Search Trees and Skip Lists ?Sorting, Sets, and Selection ?Fundamental Techniques Part II Graph Algorithms ?Graphs ?Weighted Graphs ?Network Flow and Matching Part III Internet Algorithmics ?Text Processing ?Number Theory and Cryptograhy ?Network Algorithms Part IV Additional Topics ?Computational Geometry ?NP-Completeness ?Algorithmic Frameworks Appendix: Useful Mathematical Facts Bibliography Index Special Features: ?Computer Programmers ?Software Engineers ?Scientists
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