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Alkah 0097 Black Office bag

Alkah 0097 Black Office bag

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Product Description

One of the major concerns of office executives is proper storage of documents so that it is easily and quickly accessible when needed. From sales professionals to administration executives, everyone hates to engage in document hunt right in front of others concerned with the same. Do you have a proper office bag? Are you satisfied with the way you keep documents and other stuffs while on the move for office work? If your answers to these questions are negative then buy Alkah 0097 black office bag online today and relieve yourself of the hassle that you have been facing. The several compartments in the bag with different volumes make storing documents of different types, and other stuffs, convenient. Purchasing this bag online prevents you from the hassle of visiting the market and searching for the right office bag for you. You can get the bag delivered at the address that you mention.

Description of Alkah 0097 black office bag

This office bag made by Alkah is black in colour. It has been made with synthetic material. Therefore, it is totally formal as well as strong. The bag measures 31 cm in length, 26 cm in height and 10 cm in depth. In other words, it has enough volume to fit varieties of documents and office stuffs into it. Every compartment in the bag has been made with stitching the material to the mainframe. The lack of pasting and extensive use of only stitching makes the bags very strong.

When you look at the Alkah black office bag from the front, you find 3 compartments. One of the compartments is big and extends all along the length of the bag. The other 2 compartments are half the length of the bag and slightly more than half the height of the bag. The largest compartment is accessible from the top of the bag. All the compartments features zip closure. The zip for the largest compartment features 2 keys while all the zips of all other compartments feature only 1 key.

The keys are made of metal, and will not break due to regular use. The zip is made with fine material that makes the zip key movement smooth. It will not get damaged due to regular use as Alkah has designed the bag with the frequency of use in concern.

There are 2 medium-sized handles stitched towards the top on either sides of the bag. The handles are stitches to the bag and have been made rounded so that you can hold them comfortably. There are metal loops on the depth-sides of the bag. The metal loops have been added for the long strap that allows you to hang the bag on your shoulders. The removable straps make carriage of the bag easy for you as you attach or detach the longer strap as per your requirement. Alkah has lined the broad flat sides of the bag with piping in order to provide skeletal strength to the bag. There is a metal badge on the front side of the bag, adding that essential pinch of style.

Speciality of the Alkah 0097 black office bag

The utilitarian nature of the Alkah black office bag is its major speciality. It enables you to carry not only documents but everything related to office work conveniently. The advantage that you get due to this office bag by Alkah is the ease of access to the contents. Various compartments of different volumes allow you to store different types of components separately, and conveniently access them when needed.

The black colour of the bag also deserves mention. It is the most versatile colour. It is as suitable for formal things as it is for completely casual ones. So, you will not feel that you are carrying a typical boring bag. The bag is made with synthetic material which allows you to use it during the rainy season without much concern.

Maintenance and care

The synthetic material with which the Alkah black office bag has been made does not demand much care-taking. You protect it from dust so that it does not reflect badly on your personality. Whatever dust still get accumulated can be dusted off with a brush. Once in a while, you can apply a conditioner on the exterior surface of the bag in order to maintain its lustre. However, make sure that the conditioner you have chosen is appropriate for the synthetic material of the bag. That is all that this black office bag demands from you in order to last long and serve to your purpose. So, shop online for this Alkah black office bag now and bring a positive change in the way you do office work.

About Alkah

Alkah is a consumer products company that is engaged in manufacturing different types of bags exclusively. The company manufactures wide ranges of bags such as office bags, tiffin bags, school bags, courier bags, travelling bags, medical representatives bags, gymnasium bags, tout bags, sports bags, hand bags, classes bags, folding bags, shopping bags and heaver sack bags. Various types of pouches, folders, covers, etc. are also manufactured by the company.

Key Highlights

Synthetic material

Black in colour

Pair of small handles, one large detachable strap

Multiple compartments of different volumes

Piping for skeletal support

Smooth zip with metal key

Badge in front for authentication and style

Product Features

  • Color: BLACK
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer
  • Material Type: Synthetic
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 31 cm x 10 cm x 26 cm

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Overall Rating 1.8 out of 5 stars
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