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Alpha Man Green Canvas Cool Bracelet
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Alpha Man Green Canvas Cool Bracelet

Material Synthetic
Brand Alpha Man
Colour Green
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Overview: Alpha Man Green Canvas Cool Bracelet

So, you've got the personality, the cool demeanour, and the swagger that goes with being cool and with it. Whether you're hanging out with the gang or just chilling someplace on your own, you always stand out with your unique sense of style. After all, looking good is something that comes naturally to you. There's some truth in what people say about the clothes making the man. So you like to put in a little effort to get that casual cool look. No one needs to go shopping with you because you already know what looks good on you. And when you throw in a little attitude, well, that pretty much clinches it in the fashion department. Nothing says "cool" like a guy who's comfortable and confident in anything he wears. Right down to the accessories he chooses to add to his wardrobe.

About the Alpha Man Green Canvas Cool Bracelet

The Green Canvas Cool Bracelet is a cool and fun addition to your outfits. Whether you're in jeans, cargos or whatever catches your fancy, this bracelet can add that extra bit of uber-cool style to whatever you're wearing. It is a brown faux-leather bracelet with green knotted cord detail, and has a printed patch at the centre. To secure it to your wrist, it has a pull-and-adjust closure so that once you put it on, you don't have to worry about it falling off and getting lost anywhere. So when you feel like making a statement, just slip it on and get that super stylish casual cool look going. Its rustic, handmade quality adds a rugged manliness to your natural boyish charm. So you can choose to play the cute boy next door, or the badass with the stubble and shades. It all depends on your mood. But you know the Alpha Man Green Canvas Cool Bracelet will complement whatever look you choose for the day. The only other accessory you'll need is a smile.

About the Company

Alpha Man is a company that makes uber-cool, fashionably stylish and unique accessories for men. After all, there are so many facets to a man's personality, so why not have accessories to match each one? Alpha Man gives men a myriad ways and reasons to play around with their look. With a wide range of accessories to choose from, men can have the freedom to be whoever they want, whenever they want. Accessorize away!

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Product Details
Material Synthetic
Manufacturer Alpha Man
Brand Alpha Man
Colour Green

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Cool & Sexy ...... 22 January, 2014 On
    I Purchase this product before 8 month from local shop .

    note :- price is too more on here . i purchase this product only 70 Rupees.

    Positive Points :-

    1) Nice and sexy looking .
    2) Central band are manufactured by leather .
    3) antic piece & wounded by nice thread .
    4) Color give nice looking .
    5) In this i like too much is that we don't want to tie this band . Automatic tight this band when you pull there threads end .

    Negative Points :-

    1) No longer life time period .
    2) When this Product Contact with water then this Product loose there Shining .
    3) When you pull thread tightly then thread will break .

    My Opinion :-

    This Product is good . but do not purchase from any site . Just purchase this product from any local shop . I already mention in (NOTE) .
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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