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And-Also Andalso 3-Tier Multi Storage Rack For Book Shelf Kitchen Shoe Rack Dishes Radio Home Organizer

And-Also Andalso 3-Tier Multi Storage Rack For Book Shelf Kitchen Shoe Rack Dishes Radio Home Organizer

Lowest online price: 949
Brand And-Also
Model Number 2663
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Product Description

Storage racks are highly functional and can be used for both official as well as domestic use. This kind of furniture not only helps you solve the problem of storage but also adds a new appeal to the entire getup of the room. This piece of furniture comes in varying designs and styles and therefore, you will find some stuff to suit the interior design of your home. If you are on the looking for a multi storage rack, you should try out this And-Also 3-Tier Multi Storage Rack. Excellent craftsmanship is revealed in the excellent design and style of the furniture.


Made of fine quality ABS plastic materials, this rack is of excellent quality. The material is treated differently with the implementation of advanced techniques to make it sturdy enough to endure regular use. This furniture is made as per the strict quality standards to attain perfection in terms of style, design and safety. This product is put through stringent checking under the supervision of the experts to make sure that the final product delivered to a customer is of excellent quality and style.

Design & Style:

This 3-Tier Multi Storage Rack features a classy look that is further enhanced by a white colour. The white colour makes the rack versatile enough to go with all types of interior settings. You do not have to wonder if the rack matches the wall colour or the design of other furniture available in the room. This furniture comes in three shelves that allow you to keep all the kitchen items and utensils or shoes in an organised manner. This shelf has different compartments that are connected using durable steel rods. The parts of this furniture are detachable and at the same time they can be easily assembled for multipurpose. The dimensions of this rack are 43cm x 22cm x 68cm. Therefore you easily place it anywhere in your home. It is light in weight so you will not find it difficult to shift this product from one place to another.


This White 3-Tier Multi Storage Rack serves excellent purpose at various establishments such as homes, apartments, flats, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, hostels, hospitals and PGs. The best thing about this rack is that you can easily every single tier for stacking different products.

It can be used in the libraries of schools and colleges for keeping different books in a systematic order. You can also use one single tier or the entire rack for keeping all the school books and notebooks of your little one at home. You can also use one tier for keeping story books and the other tier for keeping CDs and DVDs in an organised manner finally providing the room with a clean and tidy look. This 3-tier rack can be used to keep the kitchen essentials in a systematic order so that you get an easy access to the utensils with ease.

This three tier rack can be placed in any room of the house. It can be kept in the kitchen if you are stacking kitchen essentials and if you are planning to keep show pieces, photo frames, telephone and astray on this rack, then you can place it just beside sofas in the living room. It can also be kept just besides the bed so that it functions as a side table. Similarly, it finds it extensive purpose at workplaces, restaurants and hotels. So, if you want to enhance the decor of your room by keeping all the household essentials in an organised manner then you should avail this three tier rack. Now furniture is available on the internet, so you can buy 3-Tier Storage Rack online.


It is very easy and convenient to maintain this multipurpose rack. You should use a soft cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush for dusting purpose. It should be cleaned on a regular basis. You should never keep any burning candle directly on this rack. Rather you can use a candle stand. You should use coasters to keep hot tea or food that is quite warm. This rack should be kept away from water, heat and harsh chemicals.

Key Highlights:

Comes in white colour

Made of ABS plastic material with steel rods



Light in weight

Easy to use

Easy to maintain

Product Features

  • kitchen shelf
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number kitchen rack999
Brand And-Also
Model Number 2663
Item Package Quantity 1

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