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OK Aluminium Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods

OK Aluminium Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods

Brand Ok
Model Number 808
Size NA
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Overview: OK Aluminium Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods

Do you often host outdoor parties at home? Then try serving tandoori dishes which you can easily cook in this Aluminium Gas Tandoor Oven from the house of OK.


The OK Aluminium Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods is an hour glass shaped cooking vessel which is made of high quality aluminum. It is available in a variety of sizes which you can choose as per your need. This energy saving tandoor oven runs on gas and helps you in cooking healthy and nutritious food. The oven has a black bakelite handle that offers good grip. The dome shaped lid is attached with a hinge on one side. It has an impact bonded base. There is a wired separator that lets you place the uncooked food items easily. It comes with a metallic spatula that helps you move the food items while cooking.

Key highlights

The stylishly designed tandoor oven is made of high quality aluminum that adds to its durability.

This tandoor has been specially designed to extract extra oil from your food.

The impact bonded bottom ensures even distribution of heat.

The 360 degree convection heating method of cooking saves time and the food gets cooked from all directions.

It prevents any kind of unwanted odour, smoke and splashing of oil.

It can cook foods which are up to two inches thick.

Since it runs on gas, it is safe to use.


This energy saving Aluminium Gas Tandoor Oven will surely make your outdoor parties even more exciting. With this cooking vessel now you don't need to order the delicacies from any hotel instead cook them conveniently at home. It is lightweight and compact therefore you can easily carry it from one place to another. It is easy to install and ready to use. The gas tandoor oven comes with a special oil extraction feature that lets you cook healthy food without compromising on taste. The adjustable slope allows you to either drain the extra oil. The 360 degree heating method of cooking ensures that the hot air keeps rotating inside and you can now cook tasty unconventional dishes super fast. Cooking in this gas tandoor oven ensures that the taste of the food cooked is similar to that cooked in a conventional clay oven. The impact bonded bottom ensures even distribution of heat and aids in faster cooking. The Bar-Be-Que rods make it convenient for cooking the kababs. It can act as a Tandoor, Chapati Maker, Bati Maker, Backing Oven and even a Litti maker. This Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods which is highly essential for cooking Bar-Be-Que. You need to decide when to cover the lid and when to leave it open depending on the requirement of the dish being cooked. Most of the dishes you cook need to be placed on the wired surface that is provided with the product. Not only at home it can also be taken along when you go for picnics. It can also be considered an excellent option for gifting someone. So, shop this Portable Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods from the online store today.

Few tandoor dishes that you can in this gas tandoor oven

Some of the lip-smacking dishes that you can cook in this tandoor oven are Paneer Tikka, Mutton Sheek Kabab, Tandoori Chicken, Murg Makhani, Tandoori Roti, Garlic Naans, Kulchas, Italian Dishes and a lot more. Apart form the tandoori dishes you can also use it to cook Litti a delicacy of Bihar, Bati a delicacy of Rajhasthan which is served with dal and churma, for baking purpose and also for preparing the normal roti.

Few accessories required to cook in this tandoor oven

Apart from the spatula and Bar-Be-Que rods that are supplied with the product you will also require a pair of tong that will make your culinary task easier. It is basically useful while preparing tandoori roti and regular rotis too.

Maintenance and care

The maintenance of the gas tandoor oven is not very difficult. Before cleaning the oven detach it from the gas outlet first. Then wash it in cold water and a mild detergent with the help of a hard scrubber. As cooking takes place in a high temperature inside the oven therefore the parts get charred and therefore the use of a hard scrubber is essential. Air dry the same before using it.

So buy this Gas Tandoor Oven with Bar-Be-Que Rods online and surprise your family with the delicious tandoor dishes right away.

Product Details
Brand Ok
Model Number 808
Colour Name Na
Size NA

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