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Amarsonns Jewels copper Choker For Women (Blue)
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Amarsonns Jewels copper Choker For Women (Blue)

Material copper
Brand Amarsonns Jewels
Colour Blue
Stone Type Austrian crystal
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Overview: Amarsonns Jewels copper Choker For Women (Blue)

Kundan jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry in India, originated from Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is made of highly refined gold and lac, also known as the method of gem setting. During the Mughal era, kundan jewelry received great patronage. At that time, the most beautiful pieces of kundan jewelry were created. Different artisan hard work is needed in making a single piece of kundan jewelry. As time changed, kundan jewelry takes a new form and got a new name that is kundan and polki jewelry. Polki is actually an uncut diamond that gives some more traditional touch to kundan jewelry.

Some Tips to Remember While Buying Kundan Jewelry:

The unique and classy design of kundan jewelry is a blend of traditional and modern design. The price of kundan jewelry depends on several factors such as size, weight, quality and purity of gold, diamonds and some other precious and semi precious stones. If you are buying original kundan jewelry set than you must know that a genuine kundan is opaque and mellow in appearance while an artificial kundan glitters and is transparent. The reason for artificial crystal to glitter more than the original one is that it is made of glass instead of crystal and colored tinfoil under the stones that creates an illusion of color.

Imitation Kundan Jewlery:

For those who cannot afford the original kundan jewelry set can go for the artificial one. Artificial kundan jewelry is inspired by the traditional kundan set. Just like the original one, artificial kundan jewelries are also a result of skilled workers using the same technique of Kundakari. The beauty and allure of these jewelries lies with the stones and its overall look. As traditional kundan jewelry is set with precious stones and gems. It has delicate meenakari work side by side. Kundakari is all about skillfully and subtly setting gems and precious stones in some precious metals such as gold, etc. A team of skilled worker is needed to make a single piece of kundan jewelry.

Growing Demand for Artificial Kundan Jewelry:

With the growing demand for imitation jewelry, jewelry manufacturers are taking into account to expertise their hands on kundan jewelries. They are devoting their time to create more and more fashionable kundan jewelries. For a country like India that is full of culture and tradition, imitation and artificial jewelries are growing in demand. Even around the globe, Indian imitation jewelry manufacturers are now exporting their designer jewelries. As a result, imitation jewelries are growing in demand at the global level. However, ethnic and traditional artificial kundan jewelry is in vogue these days.

Reasons for the Demand:

There are many reasons behind this growing popularity of artificial kundan jewelry. They are inexpensive that inspires people with low budget to go for the artificial one. As the gold prices are rising, buying jewelries have become expensive. Not everyone can afford a gold jewelry studded with kundan, gems or precious stones. However, in an artificial jewelry pearls, glass, beads, crystals and other material are used that are lower in prices. Apart from this artificial kundan jewelry are as beautiful and appealing as the original one. One can find various designs that match the ensemble. In fact, these designs have become fashion symbol these days.

Amarsonns Jewels Blue Kundan Necklace Set:

If you want to buy kundan jewelry that is affordable and at the same time stylish then Amarsonns jewels blue kundan necklace set is the right choice for you. This piece of jewelry can add grace and charm to your look. It is suitable for any event and has mesmerizing design embellished with kundan stones and Austrian diamonds. This blue kundan jewelry necklace set from the house of Amarsonns jewels is an ideal gift for the loved one too. Made of high quality alloy, this jewelry will remain shiny for years. One can flaunt this necklace set with traditional attire during festivities.

Features: Amarsonns Jewels copper Choker For Women (Blue)

  • Category : Jewellery
  • Type : Necklace set
  • Stone Used : Austrian diamonds
  • Wearability : Festive
  • Design : Traditional
Product Details
Material copper
Manufacturer APJNK158
Brand Amarsonns Jewels
Model Number APJNK158
Colour Blue
Stone Type Austrian crystal

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