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Ambrane Power Bank P-1500(15600mAh) with samsung cells, black

Ambrane Power Bank P-1500(15600mAh) with samsung cells, black

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Product Description

The Smartphones and the tablets of the contemporary world do not have a good reputation in providing the promised battery life and therefore Ambrane itself has come up with this innovative Ambrane P-1500 Black Power Bank 15600 mAh. This 15600 mAH portable power bank saver will charge your phone or a tablet within a few hours in dire circumstances. It is very easy to use as you just need to plug your device with a USB cable on this portable power bank charger. This Ambrane 15600 mAh Power Bank can fully power up multiple devices with the help of the USB cable.

Physical Features

This small power bank saver is small in size that would fit anywhere. It is completely black in colour. The fine finishing of this product also recreates a visual appeal. The unique design and the sleek edges are treats to the eye. The hard durable body makes it anti-corrosive and rust resistant. The weight of this small wonder is also negligible and one can carry it in their hand for a long time. The weight and the dimension of this device will let you carry it anywhere you want. The display feature of this Ambrane P-1500 Power Bank is the unique selling proposition of this product. It displays the power left in the power bank and thus would be of great convenience to the user who uses it. The USB cables which come with this product are made of durable material and is a perfect contrast to this black power bank saver. There are three kinds of USB cable which would come with this product. These USB cables will let you connect to any contemporary device and would let you escape the dire and emergency circumstances.

Internal Features

The 15600 mAH power capacity of this battery is the unique selling proposition of this product. Now your device will get charged within a few hours, which will stand as a big relief to the Smartphone users. The input power of this power bank is DC 5V or Direct Current 5V. The output power is of 5.2 V. It is a Lithium-ion battery which makes it safe and secure while charging. It will serve you for a long time as will be your best companion when your phone runs out of charge at the most significant situations. A lithium ion battery has much greater energy density and is one of the chief advantages of a lithium ion battery or cell. Unlike lead acid batteries, it is considered practical to regularly use 85 percent or more of the rated capacity of a lithium battery bank. Lithium-ion batteries can be fast charged to 100 percent of capacity. Different from lead acid batteries, there is no need for an absorption phase to get the final 20 percent stored. Failure to regularly fully charge lithium-Ion batteries does not damage the batteries, again unlike lead acid batteries. This give you lots of flexibility to tap into energy sources whenever you can get them without worrying about needing to do a full charge regularly. With lithium batteries, you can charge up what you can and not fret about leaving your battery bank perpetually undercharged. Lithium batteries charge at nearly 100 percent efficiency, compared to the 85 percent efficiency of most lead acid batteries.

This portable power bank with micro data cable is a convenient rechargeable battery which allows you to always have a battery charging backup when you are away from an AC outlet. Now recharge your devices on-the-go while you are on your business trip or excursion. The devices that can be charged with this power bank battery include camera, mobile phone, Smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod. This battery can be charged from your laptop by just connecting the USB cable. There will be no loss of charge while this battery remains idle. The sleekness of the product makes it pretty and fashionable and also shows a good taste of the user.


We have to be careful as to where do we keep this device when not in use. Any dust particle that goes inside the mouth of this USB device may land the Smartphone or the tablet, it is connected to, into trouble. Clean this product with a dry cloth without using any chemical to maintain its shine and performance. Keep it in a clean place to ensure the safety of both the data cable and the device. While taking care of the USB cable, make sure you keep away from excessive temperatures as the extreme heat might damage the wire. The excessive heat might create dangerous problems when you start using it again. Make sure it is not kept at a place where there is moisture as it might, again, damage the product in the long run.

About the Brand

Ambrane India was established in the year 2012 and thus is a more technologically advanced company with all the latest technologies being used. Ambrane India has grown to be one of the leaders in Technology & IT Products such as computer peripherals, tablets and mobility devices in India today. The products are extensively researched and tested, for firmness, reliability, and user-friendliness through a dedicated team of R&D experts, before launching the product. Only premium quality material is used in developing Ambrane products, in order to render the most satisfying and exquisite experience possible.

Shop Ambrane P-1500 Power Bank online and have this delivered at your doorstep in a matter of days. Buy Ambrane 15600 mAh Power Bank online and have a valuable time shopping.

Product Details
Brand Ambrane
Model Number P-1500
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 6 Months Seller Warranty

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