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Ambrane powerbank 2200mah,P22 +portable usb charger+power bank+pack+MOBILE-BB

Ambrane powerbank 2200mah,P22 +portable usb charger+power bank+pack+MOBILE-BB

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Product Description

Tired of your phone batteries running out at important times? Then get yourself the Ambrane Powerbank P22 mobile battery charger. Keep your mobile battery charged all the time by using this extremely portable charger. Use it anywhere you want to at any time. The Ambrane P22 charger is guaranteed to keep your mobile devices running so that you don't leave any work hanging.

Today we are heavily dependent on our mobile phones to complete a lot of work. People are busy with phone calls and e-mails throughout the day no matter where they are. They only problem is that the mobile phones sooner or later run out of battery. People do not carry their phone charger everywhere they go that is why Ambrane is here to make things sorted with the P22 mobile battery charger. Just charge the Ambrane Powerbank P22 whenever you are at home or in the office and be ready to use it whenever you are on the go. This highly portable charger is also very durable. The Ambrane Powerbank P22 has a rugged body made of metal. Unlike other mobile chargers which are made out of plastic and there is a high chance that they might break, the Ambrane Powerbank P22 is much sturdier. Do not go on the small looks of this ultimate charging package! The Powerbank P22 weighs just 90 grams. It can easily fit in your office bag, laptop bag, college backpacks and even small purses.

The Ambrane Powerbank P22 comes with a high power capacity of 2200 mAh which gives the device a charging time of 3 hours. It has got a DC supply of 5V and also a power bank of 800Ma. The Ambrane Powerbank P22 extremely portable charger is highly compatible with most of the mobile phones available in the market today. Be it an Android phone or a Nokia phone, the Powerbank P22 comes with 3 different kinds of connectors to let you charge your mobile device. It includes a micro USB slot, a mini USB slot and a Nokia thin pin slot. So no matter the phone you are using, the Ambrane Powerbank P22 can be used to charge whatever device you are carrying. Besides mobile phones, the Ambrane Powerbank P22 can also be used to charge different media players, tablets, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets.

The Ambrane Powerbank P22 charger is the ideal choice when it comes to portability, durability and diversity. Get yourself this amazingly compact power source which comes in silver color and also with a 1 year warranty. You can buy it on at a very reasonable price.

Product Features

  • small compact power bank
  • 2200mah
  • low price
  • 1 year warranty
Product Details
Manufacturer Ambrane
Brand Ambrane
Model Number P 22

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