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American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Minky Dot 3-Piece Cradle Bedding Set, Pink
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American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Minky Dot 3-Piece Cradle Bedding Set, Pink

Lowest online price: 7,590
Brand American Baby Company
Colour Pink
Maximum Age 3 months
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Product Description

Are you on the lookout for a cradle set? Do you often wonder how to get matching crib bedding essentials for your baby? If your answer is yes, then you should look no further but try this American Baby Pink Company Cradle Set. Made of fine quality materials, this cradle set is safe for the child to use.

What is so special about this product?

This American Baby Company Cradle Set comprises a reversible comforter, a soft crib bumper and a sheet. The best fact is that it fits all standard cradle mattresses. Made of fine quality materials like polyester, the bumper and the comforter are safe for the little ones to use. Usually, this fabric is thick, soft and fuzzy, which is the main requirement for kids. Even though, the material is soft in texture, the cradle set features a tough build so that it does not tear easily. These products are made of skin friendly materials, so that you can let your little boy or girl sleep with this comforter and stay worry free that your baby will not suffer from skin irritation.

The comforter and the bumper are soft in texture so that your baby does not feel uncomfortable while sleeping on this bed sheet with the comforter for long hours. Similarly, the jersey sheet is crafted from good quality cotton materials, to ensure quality, durability and comfort. Just like the comforter, the jersey sheet is also soft in texture so that your baby can sleep comfortably throughout the summer and winter. Furthermore, the bumper, comforter and the sheet comes in a cute combination of white and pink. The white polka dots on the pink base lends the cradle set a smart and stylish look.


You cannot let you baby sleep on the mattress as she or he might feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you can cover the mattress with this jersey sheet. Made of soft material, your baby will enjoy sleeping on this sheet. When you let your baby sleep in the crib, you can stay unhassled about your baby falling off the bed. You may not notice but your baby might get hurt from the side rods of the cradle. To ensure safety for the infants from getting hurt from the side rods of the cradle, bumpers are made. Bumpers are soft in texture so that baby does not get hurt. Similarly, a comforter is used all through winter to ensure a comfy and warm sleeping zone for the baby.

The best thing is that the cradle set comes in the same colours and designs therefore, you do not have to look for a jersey sheet or comforter separately to suit the bedding style. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to ensure a comfortable sleep time for your baby, you should avail this cradle set. Nowadays, baby products are available on the internet. So you can buy American Baby Company Pink Cradle Set online. Shopping online will save you a lot of time as you can make the purchase from the comfort of your own home.


When it comes to a baby's bedding, it is important that you wash them properly to keep them clean and hygienic so that they are safe for the baby to sleep on. These bedding essentials should be washed on a regular basis to keep them clean. Cleaning these essentials is not a big deal. You just need to remove all the bedding from the crib and put them in the washing machine. Make sure that the bedding has similar colour. Next, you add mild laundry detergent that is formulated for baby linen only. Little amount of detergent should be added and choose the water temperature. Then you can begin the wash cycle. Once the bedding is washed, you can air dry it on a clothesline. Make sure that the sheets are completely dry before you put them back in the crib.

Features at a glance:

Soft in texture

Made of fine quality materials

Skin friendly material, safe to use for babies

Features white polka dots over pink base

Product Features

  • The Heavenly Soft Minky Dot 3 Piece cradle set fits all standard cradle pads
  • Ultra soft and elegant chenille material is perfect for baby's sensitive skin
  • Beautiful pastel colors to help decorate baby's nursery
  • Set includes: Heavenly soft bumper, reversible comforter, and 100% cotton jersey sheet
Product Details
Manufacturer American Baby Company
Manufacturer Part Number AC-263
Brand American Baby Company
Model Number 1520SS Pink
Colour Pink
Maximum Age 3 months
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 907.2 grams
Product Dimensions 29.8 cm x 20.3 cm x 20.3 cm

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