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American Diamond Mangalsutra Set only by fashionite13

American Diamond Mangalsutra Set only by fashionite13

Brand Unknown
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: American Diamond Mangalsutra Set only by fashionite13

India is known for its various traditional beliefs and cultural values that sets it apart from other countires. Indian weddings are complete with traditions and culture making them very vibrant and beautiful ceremonies, a must see for all. One of the customs included in a Hindu wedding is the tying of the sacred mangalsutra. The mangalsutra is a sacred necklace worn by a Hindu bride at the time of her wedding and is tied by the groom giving her the identity of a married woman. The married woman continues to wear the mangalsutra throughout her married life as a symbol of her marital status and for her husband's long life. Traditionally, the magalsutra is a necklace consisting of black beads strung from a black or yellow thread that is prepared from turmeric. Often gold, white or red beads too are added depending on the region it is worn in. If you are looking for a beautiful mangalsutra to buy for your son's wedding for your daughter in law, or are already married and wish to buy a new mangalsutra, can search online for this beautiful American Diamond Mangalsutra Set only by fashionite13.

Features of the mangalsutra:

Made of American diamond stones, this magalsutra brought to you by Fashionite is made of high quality gold plaiting set on a single black beaded chain. Simple, classy and elegant, this is a perfect choice for those who wish to dress in a sober manner and yet adorn a beautiful and elegant mangalsutra, that they can wear for everyday purposes. Since the mangalsutra is traditionally a heavy necklace, it can be difficult to manage for daily purposes, and also for those who don't always wear Indian attire. Therefore, most women prefer to wear a thin mangalsutra these days with a petite design that will match with any attire and will be easy to carry and manage. This mangalsutra features the traditional design, with the black and golden beads on a single thread, and a very pretty pendant with stones embedded, made of the popular American diamond, giving the mangalsutra a very elegant and beautiful look. This mangalsutra will appeal to most modern women as they wear a lot of westerns these days and this sort of mangalsutra will suit any outfit because of its delicate and dainty features. Moreover, this particular mangalsutra comes in a set along with a pair of beautiful delicate earrings, adding to the beauty of the wearer when worn together. The earrings have a simple design in the form of tiny danglers, plated in gold with an American diamond encrusted in it, giving it a very elegant look. This set when worn together will make the newly wedded bride or an already married woman look exceptionally beautiful.

Wear this mangalsutra with:

A mangalsutra is meant to worn wherever you go, however women usually find it difficult to carry off with all outfits. Therefore, this design is something that can be worn with any attire as it is delicate and pretty and not at all heavy to carry. You can wear it with jeans, salwars and sarees, to work and even occasions, preventing you from the dilemma of having to leave your mangalsutra at home everytime you decide to leave the house in jeans and feel that you will not be able to carry it off with your outfit. So this Mangalsutra set by Fashionite is the perfect choice for a the modern woman making you look elegant and beautiful in any attire that you wear. Carry your symbol of marriage wherever you go with this American diamond mangalsutra set!. Shop online for this beautiful American Diamond Mangalsutra Set only by fashionite13.

Product Details
Brand Unknown
Colour Name Black
Metal Type Base Metal

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