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Amethyst Printed Double Bedsheet Set

Amethyst Printed Double Bedsheet Set

Brand Amethyst
Size Full
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Overview: Amethyst Printed Double Bedsheet Set

Are you planning to purchase a new bed sheet to rev up the whole appearance of your bedroom? Do you want to make a gorgeous addition to your household furnishing collection? Are you on the lookout for the perfect gift for a wedding reception? Here is your opportunity to shop online for Amethyst polyester double bed sheet. Let us take a closer look at the unique attributes of this bed sheet before you make your final choice. Product Description This double bed sheet is brought to you by the brand Amethyst that is known for manufacturing excellent quality home furnishing items. Its products not only display attractive designs but are also crafted from high quality materials that make them long lasting. This bed sheet comes in a vast array of colours that lends to it a highly sophisticated look. It is adorned with intricate floral designs in pink, purple, white and black shades. There are thin stripes running in a horizontal fashion along the length of the bed sheet. The stripes come in various shades of black that form the background of the bed sheet. On these stripes, large floral motifs can be found that come in the shape of gigantic roses. The roses are embellished with colour gradation pattern that range from pink to white. Realistic leaf patterns are also prominently visible on the bed sheet that is purple in colour. The bed sheet comes in a pink hue that serves as a perfect contrast to the purple leaves. This set also features two pillow covers that bear the same design. Two oversized floral motifs are printed on the striped background that adds a touch of elegance to the set. It is crafted from good quality polyester fabric and is embellished with a printed pattern. The bed sheet measures 90x90 inch and the pillow covers have dimensions of 18x27 inch. Utility Besides being highly stylish and accentuating the look of your bedroom this Amethyst double bed sheet is also very utilitarian. It is big enough to cover up your entire bed and render to it a brand new appearance. It comes in such an amazing combination of colours that it will undoubtedly alter the whole appearance of your bedroom and blend in easily with the colour of the surrounding walls. It will surely impress your guests and lend to your bedroom a vibrant look. Being made of high quality polyester fabric, the bed sheet offers a comfortable and relaxed feel. When you settle down on it, you will be able to experience an incredibly soft and cosy feeling that is provided by this bed sheet. It has visibly firm stitches and a characteristic sheen that speaks of its durable quality. If you are planning to throw a birthday or anniversary party in your home, you can put on this bed sheet to change the atmosphere of your bedroom and rev it up. If your bed happens to get stained accidentally, you can cover it up with this bed sheet. It will not only help you to conceal the stain but also enhance the facade of your entire home. This double bed sheet is so beautiful that it can be gifted on special occasions like wedding receptions, anniversaries, home coming parties or birthdays. Key Highlights Polyester fabric Attractive floral prints Combination of pink, purple, white and black colours Two matching pillow covers Care and Maintenance Taking care of this polyester bed sheet is very simple as it is a tough fabric and does not demand too much care. It has a unique property to retain its original shape and is not prone to shrinking. It is endowed with an individual shimmer that will not fade even after several years of use. You can machine wash it using warm water and add a fabric softener for retaining its original lustre and softness. You can dry it at a low temperature setting in order to ensure that it lasts for a longer time. Warm ironing can also be done if required. This will ensure that the original crispness and shine of the Amethyst bed sheet is retained. So what are you waiting for? Buy Amethyst polyester double bed sheet online today from the comfort of your home!

Product Details
Brand Amethyst
Size Full

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