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AndAlso Foldable Clip Function Table Desk Lamp for Home Office Reading Writing Travel

AndAlso Foldable Clip Function Table Desk Lamp for Home Office Reading Writing Travel

Brand Orkia
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Product Description

With age are you finding it difficult to read the small fonts on your laptop or books? Then get yourself the Folding Table Desk Lamp from the house of AndAlso today and see how easy it becomes to make out those tiny letters which seemed to be dancing in front of your eyes.


This AndAlso Folding Table Desk Lamp is made of high quality PVC plastic that makes it extremely durable. This portable lamp weighs around 320gm and its dimensions are 7x 14.4x 30 cm. It is available in different combinations of like orange, green or purple or pink with white. The rectangular lamp includes 24 LED lights which are energy-saving and environment friendly. The shadeless leading lamp can be operated with the help of sliding switch. It comes with a clip system for proper grip. The size is so compact that when you fold it its size is same as that of a smartphone. The box includes the foldable lamp, a built-in rechargeable battery and a charging cable.

Key highlights

The reading lamp is made of high quality PVC plastic that makes it extremely durable.

It includes built-in Lead Acid high capacity rechargeable batteries.

The foldable design and small size makes it is convenient to carry.

The light of lamp comes with two adjustable brightness modes.

The clip system keeps it secured to the desk up to 4.5inch thickness or even on the wall.

The charging voltage required to charge the device is AC110V-240V/ 50/60Hz.

It is an energy saving and environment-friendly lamp.


The AndAlso Folding Table Desk Lamp is an ultimate device for today's modern generation. As it comes in a compact size, you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go. This reading and writing lamp can be used at home or even in your office. It is highly useful for students, professionals, teachers and elderly people. The 24 bright LED bulbs with up to 100,000 hrs life makes your surroundings extra bright. The light has a total of 2W power. As it is rechargeable for over 500 times, it will serve you for a longer time. The clip system is the most convenient feature of this reading lamp. It can not only be clipped on to the desk but also be mounted on the wall. As it is available in four attractive shades, you can choose as per your taste. So shop this Foldable Clip Function Table Desk Lamp from the online store today.

Advantages of using a LED reading lamp

This digital lighting system has a whole lot of benefits like:

Long life - The best thing about LED diodes and bulbs have an exceptional operational life time expectation of up to almost 100.000 hours.

Environment friendly - As the LED lights are free of any kind of toxic chemicals they are environment friendly.

Energy Efficiency - LED bulbs are of 80%-90% energy efficient compared to the traditional conventional light bulbs.

Perfect lighting effect - Another advantage of the LED lights is they can be dimmed thus giving you fantastic lighting effect.

Durable - The LEDs are highly durable as they are built with sturdy material which can resist even the roughest handling.

Light Disbursement - The well-designed LED lights are designed to focus the light on a specific location without the help of any external reflector.

Low-Voltage - The low-voltage illumination of LED ensures that you get sufficient light. This makes it easy to use it even in outdoors or remote and rural areas.

Operates in extreme temperatures - Another vital feature of LEDs are they can operate under both extreme cold and hot temperature settings.

No UV emission - The LED illumination produces very little infrared light and hardly UV emission that again makes them environment friendly.

Instant Lighting - As the LED lights up immediately and when switched on, it is a great advantage especially for infrastructure projects such like traffic and signal lights.

Maintenance and care

If you take proper care of the unit, then it will definitely serve you for a long time. Whenever you are folding and unfolding it, always do it with care. As it has a white getup, it will easily get dirty so always dust it with a soft cloth to keep up its original look. If the life of the LED bulbs gets over, then replace it immediately.

So buy this Folding Table Desk Lamp online and see how easy it becomes in making out those tiny alphabets.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number LED981
Brand Orkia

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