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Anklets - Handmade Bead Anklets- Golden

Anklets - Handmade Bead Anklets- Golden

Material bead
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Overview: Anklets - Handmade Bead Anklets- Golden


Beads are used to make many accessories these days. Beading is a art wherein the beads are passed through a needle and thread to make many accessories and many other little artworks. It has become a latest fashion for both men and women to wear beady accessories. The art has actually arrived from North India.


The speciality of this anklet is that it's made up of beads and it's golden too. Beady bracelets ear rings and rings are very common but the golden ones are very rare. They look very pretty and simple on anyone. Girls always wait for some products which can be worn out and during functions too. This satisfies the needs of such people. Golden beads usually cost fortune. And anklets of golden beads can make you think too far about the price. But you can find that this product on junglee is considerable at its price. Everyone is bored with the old fashion of silver jewelleries. It is now a new opportunity for women to buy beady accessories at lower cost. You don't even have to worry about the colour fading out. It suits every kind of skin. You don't have to wear odd accessories because this matches with every kind of costumes. The beads are very tightly knit so there are no worries about the anklets breaking. This won't wear of its colour even in water.

There is a belief that these beads were from the time of Lord Rama's rule. That is when the art with golden beads started. This is the mythological belief behind the beady works. But for now it is brand takes up this huge task. has its own style of designs for the accessories. On realising how difficult it is to go to market to buy accessories, online shopping was the new step they took towards the need of customers. They don't create for of replicas for their designs. There is usually a unique piece for every new design. The services are also good and are customer friendly. The online delivery is also done very soon based on your location. The prices are also affordable and considerate. has not let any customer's down when it comes to the lovely designs or the online services. On top of all this, they have a seven day return back policy with 100 percent money back guarantee. There is also a 24x7 customer care support.

When it comes to clothing, footwear, apparels, and the fashion industry in general, nothing is constant! Change is the name of the game! As they say, 'Evolution is the key to survival'. Brands need to transform and polish their norms time and time again i.e. adopting the latest fashion trends, considering the active international styles, ensuring maximum comfort and durability, and much much more. This is where this particular product enters the fray, as it has been manufactured keeping under consideration the fashion world of today. The brand aims to quench every customer's fashion thirst by keeping the quality standards as high as possible. And hence, gift yourself an impeccable sense of sophistication whilst optimizing your fashion quotient drastically.

The other most important aspect of the site is that they gather information from customer through many games. Like for example the quiz game. Here they give an option between two jewelleries and ask which one suits your friend X the best? There is one more game called this or that. Two products will be shown on screen and you have to choose which one you would buy among them. This way is really trying to give every facility that a customer expects from a online site. Then why think about it? You can find the best rates on So go for it!!!! brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Material bead
Colour Name Gold

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