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Imported Antique Bronze Flower Tibetan pendants

Imported Antique Bronze Flower Tibetan pendants

Brand Bhoomika Jewellery Materials
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: Imported Antique Bronze Flower Tibetan pendants

Attention to all girls!! Here's in store an exciting range of Tibetan antique pendants in store from the house of Bhoomika Jewellery Materials. If you do not have enough accessories to team up with some casual outfits or even with traditional ones, these pendants are the apt choice. You can wear these to parties or to just an outing and look the best out of the rest. You can shop online Antique Tibetan Pendants by Bhoomika Jewellery Materials and be the Tibetan beauty of the party.

Product description

Imported from the "Roof of the World", Tibet, these antique bronze pendants add a different look to the beholder. These antique pendants come in flower motifs of different styles. The antique finish gives them a sophisticated look to the pendants. The pendants are moulded in different floral designs each unique to the other. Some are solid metal in the outline of a flower and some are hollow. Few are crafted in traditional Tibetan design and some are crafted in a casual motif. Not only the crafting, these imported Tibetan pendants are available in various flower motifs as well. You can choose them according to your own choice and be a proud owner.

Key features

Imported Tibetan pendants

The pendants are made of bronze material

The pendants are available in interesting floral motifs

Antique collection of pendants

These pendants are very easy to maintain and store


Bronze is an alloy of copper and tine and thus over time it tends to tarnish. Patina which is a greenish layer of copper oxide form when the bronze comes in contact with oxygen is formed in the jewellery thus making it look deglamourised. Hence, the jewellery needs proper maintenance to retain its polish. These antique jewellery are very easy to maintain using a few easy methods. Firstly you need to wipe the pendants with soft cloth to remove all the loose dust accumulations. After this, you need to mix few drops of mild soap to a bowl of water and soak the pendants and rub with soft lint free cloth to remove the remaining dusts. If there is a plating of patina, it is also important to remove it to get back the exact look. You need by washing the pendants in warm water to remove any dust residue. After it, dry the pendant completely. Now you need to make a paste of soda and lemon juice.

Take 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and a little lemon juice and mix very well. Rub this paste on your antique pendants and keep rubbing until the patina is completely cleaned. You can use a soft cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush. Leave the pendant with the paste on for about half an hour. After the time lapses, rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a cloth. In case of stubborn patina accumulation, repeat this process or consider soaking the pendants in some vinegar for about an hour before washing it clean. It is also very important that you do not use any abrasive material to clean the pendants. Do not spray perfume or any body care product on the pendant. It is advised to avoid wearing the pendants while bathing, swimming or any kind of heavy exercise. 

Storing the Bronze Pendants

It is also of utmost important to store these antique bronze pendants to ensure its longevity. Remember to wipe the pendants with soft cloth after wearing them. This is required to remove any trace of oil from your skin on the pendant as they might speed up the tarnishing process. It is advisable to store the bronze pendants in a plastic bag to slow down the formation of patina as it is facilitated by the oxygen in the air. An anti-tarnishing strip in the bag will also restrict the process of patina formation. Before storing your pendants be sure to wipe them dry since leaving it to dry in contact with the air makes it easier for the formation of patina. It is highly recommended that you store these antique bronze pendants in any air tight box.  

All the girls and women, who are a sport to unique style statement, grab these antique Tibetan pendants as soon as possible. You can buy online Antique Tibetan Pendants by Bhoomika Jewellery Materials and be the new you. 

Product Details
Brand Bhoomika Jewellery Materials
Metal Type Base Metal

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