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Anupam Big Hot Tiffin Canisters, 3-Pieces

Anupam Big Hot Tiffin Canisters, 3-Pieces

Brand Anupam
Model Number MK29
Colour Silver
Material Steel
Size Big
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Overview: Anupam Big Hot Tiffin Canisters, 3-Pieces

There is nothing more refreshing and reenergising than a piping hot meal. Food is integral to the well-being of our mind and body. A lot of us have the habit of skipping meals during the day in order to make time for work, but what we do not realise is that by skipping meals, we are only inviting more trouble as skipping meals can be very detrimental to our health. Having hot meals not only gives the body energy but also helps you focus better in work and hence perform better. So if you are someone who has been skipping meals to make time for work, it is advisable that you start with making time for breakfast and lunch. A lot of us who work in offices that do not have a canteen system, often eat from nearby eateries. This again is a very unhealthy habit as there is no guarantee on the hygiene of the food served in nearby eateries. These eateries usually keep the food in the open where there are flies swarming over food items. Plus, you do not know what kind of oil is used in the cooking. Often stale food is reused and served to customers. This can be very dangerous and there is high risk of contracting food and water borne diseases by having food from these eateries. The best way to keep yourself safe from all these hazards is to cook lunch at home and bring it to work. You can use a lunch box to keep the food warm till lunch time and have delicious, healthy and hygienic food every day. If you are looking for a good quality lunchbox, here is a product that can help you carry your lunch in style and keep it warm and fresh for a longer time.

The Anupam Big Hot Tiffin Canister Set is a unique product that is a must have for everyone who likes to have piping hot meals. This product is made of high quality steel which is resistant to daily wear and tear and rust and corrosion. It comes in a beautiful silver colour and consists of three large canisters that allow you a lot of storage space. You can easily pack your lunch in these canisters. These canisters are large enough to hold your food and also for your colleagues and friends. This lunch box comes with a handle that holds all the canisters together. The canisters seal your food in tightly and keep all the aroma and freshness of your food intact. With this lunch box, you can have delicious meals every day, that too piping hot. So get this product for yourself today and carry your lunch to work in style every day.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Anupam, which specialises in kitchen utilities. Other products by the brand include sinks, hot food packs, dhokla pots, hot pots, luxury sinks etc.

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Features: Anupam Big Hot Tiffin Canisters, 3-Pieces

  • Color: Silver, Material: Steel
  • Package Contents: 3-Pieces Big Hot Tiffin Canisters
Product Details
Manufacturer Anupam
Manufacturer Part Number AUM_MK29_SLR
Brand Anupam
Model Number MK29
Colour Silver
Material Steel
Size Big
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2 kg

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