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Apple Geniune Iphone Earpods Earphones For all 4/4S/5/5C/5S
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Apple Geniune Iphone Earpods Earphones For all 4/4S/5/5C/5S

Colour White
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Product Description

If you are a music lover you would understand how important it is to have the right earphones by your side. There are several kinds and types of earphones that are available in the market, but not all of them can deliver the quality of sound that you are looking for. In case you are looking for an accessory for your phone, it is important that you buy genuine products as they can save you a lot of money and trouble that duplicate products bring along with them. To choose the right kind of earphones for yourself, it is important that you understand the specifications of the product clearly. Most people just pick up headphones as trying them on is not possible all the time. The result of this is that they are usually not satisfied with the results that the product offers and end up buying other products. To avoid wasting money like this buy genuine accessories for your device. You can easily get genuine accessories in authorised stores. In case you cannot find authorised stores in your neighbourhood, you can check for genuine accessories online. Shopping for products on online shopping websites is quite easy and all you need to do to buy your product is place an order online. Here's a product that is sure to enhance your music and voice calling experience.

The Apple Genuine iPhone earphones are a must have for anyone who own an Apple device. These earphones come in a beautiful white colour. These headphones are ideal for music lovers as the come with controls that allow you play and pause music. When plugged into a laptop, you can also control video playback with these headphones. These headphones have an enhanced bass response that brings every beat and rhythm in the music that you are listening to. With these headphones plugged in, you can easily cut out unnecessary noise and focus on work without worrying about disturbances. These earphones are the in-ear type which means you can plug them into your ears completely. The design helps in reducing the loss of voice and music. They are slim, lightweight and compact in design. The specially designed ear plugs have an ergonomic design that fit tightly into your ears and stay put even when you are moving or travelling in public transport. You can easily roll up these earphones and store them in your backpack or pocket as they require minimal space for storage. These earphones are a must have for those who love music.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Apple, which is the world's leading manufacturer of personal computer systems, smartphones, tablets and other IT accessories. The major products from the brand include smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs, USB cables, Ethernet adapters, keyboards, trackpads, power adapters, hard drives, mouse, routers, converters etc.

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Product Features

  • Control Music and Video Playback
  • Enhanced Bass Response
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Fit
  • 100% Brand New
Product Details
Manufacturer Apple
Brand Apple
Model Number APLE01
Colour White
Technical Specification
Special Features Earbud

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