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Apple MD031HN/A AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apple MD031HN/A AirPort Extreme Base Station

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Product Description

The Apple Airport Extreme Base station- MD031HN/A is user friendly, provides support to simultaneous dual band and can prove to be an optimum point of access for wireless. Technology defines are world today it provides flexibility to be used anywhere and everywhere It can provide 802.11 Wi-Fi access for your MAC Computers and personal computers. The new age smart phones are also not far away from its reach it supports models like the iphone, apple tv and the ipod. This compact Apple Airport Base station is powerful enough to support the use for fifty people. All you need to do is attach the DSL or the cable modem you have to your Airport Extreme base station and then bring it into action with the Airport Utility and you are ready to get your work up and running. With the use of this technology you and your colleagues can access the web easily without the hassle of wires. The existing simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi has been provided so that your range is maximized. This base station is flexible and can be used on 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This feature allows the devices on your network to use the band automatically which is currently most efficient.

Latest technology is used by the base station to provide you Wi-Fi which effective five times the norm and doubles the range of 802.11g wireless networks. You no longer have to worry when guests arrive and can become the perfect host as you can dedicate to them a separate Wi-Fi network with a password which is exclusively theirs. This feature not only provides them the freedom and convenience of using a Wi-Fi network but it also secures your privacy by keeping your network private.

This piece of technology is very reliable and will save you the trouble of having to reboot your router again and again. It gives you the convenience of printing without the hassle of wires. A sudden overload of work and you could connect a printer which is compatible to the USP port and it is ready to be used from the computers in your office which are on your network either wireless or wired. The additional feature which comes with this Airport Extreme Base station is the Airport Disk which makes haring files so much simpler.

Work has never been as simple before as you can work simultaneously with others by sharing your hard drive. All you need to do is attached it to the USB port on the Airport Extreme Base station. Security is the most important factor with it comes to your online data. This fact is well understood and the concern addressed with the strong built in firewall which safeguards your digital privacy in addition to this safety feature they provide industry standard technologies which also include WPA/WPA2 and 128-bit WEP. The The Apple Airport Extreme Base station- MD031HN/A is currently available at at a fantastic price.

Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 802.1 grams

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  1.  Super reliable with plenty of features 25 June, 2013 On
    Our search for a reliable, and well performing router is over. Say goodbye to constantly rebooting your wifi router with the airport extreme.

    My wife, who isn't super technical can manage it just fine on her own with the airport utility, and I rarely if ever miss having a web interface.

    We have been running this router for almost 6 months and have not once had to reboot it or troubleshoot a single problem.

    We are accessing it with apple laptops, android and apple tablets, a roku, an xbox, a desktop PC and have not experienced a single connectivity issue with any of them.

    Highly recommended.
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