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Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier

Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier

Lowest online price: 5,000
Brand Aquafresh
Model Number SE928
Size 17 IN
Capacity 8.50 L/day
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Overview: Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier

Do you want to ensure the purity of your drinking water? Do you want to want to give your child a glass of pure water when they are thirsty? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place as your search ends here and you can get the Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier very easily. One of the most eminent and significant names, Aquafresh water purifiers ensures to provide safe drinking water that are free from harmful bacteria along with other foreign particles that are usually not seen by the clear eye. This new water purifier from Aquafresh is no different and it comes with beneficial features that serve more than its assigned purpose. The compact design and user-friendly and easy features makes this water purifier a must have in your home or office. Take a look at the product features before you purchase this water purifier.

Design and Dimensions

This water purifier sports an egornomic design and has a convenient size. With dimensions as 395 x 256 x 551 mm and weight of 10.5 kg, it allows you to place the water purifier anywhere convenient in your house. This Aquafresh water purifier comes with an excellent storage tank capacity of 8.5 litres, therefore, you don't have to worry about filling up the water tank now and then. Not just this, this water purifier has amazing purification capacity. The purification capacity of the water filter is 12 litres and this particular aspect makes it an ideal choice to meet domestic needs. This water purifier is designed using advanced technology and therefore, this water purifier sports an innovative design and is perfectly suitable for keeping on any kind of counter-tops and you can install it as per your requirement.

Special Water Purification Technology

This water purifier from Aquafresh is based on special RO + UV + UF + TDS control Water Purification Technology. This water purifier is also designed with 6 stages of water purification, and it acts as water softener, sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane pre filter, activated carbon filter, and post carbon cartridge. This purifier eradicates all kinds of dissolved impurities along with the chemicals that are present. Nots just this, it also combats contaminated virus, bacteria, pyrogen and other toxic cancer causing chemicals that is commonly found in the drinking water. Moreover, due to the presence of the reverse osmosis membrane the purifier helps to reduces 90-95% of total dissolved salts therefore, good taste to water. This purifier does this and more, it cleans the water of arsenic, heavy metals, and fluorides and offer healthy, tasty and crystal clear, safe drinking water. The advanced purifier of this water purifier kills all kinds of impurities that are usually present in the water and it even reduces the hardness of the water to a significant extent in order to prevent maximum scaling. Not just sediment impurities, the water purifier even purifies bad water odour, carbon impurities, chlorine and all other kinds of organic impurities and eliminates them from system in a proper and profound manner. As this water purifier comes with a post carbon cartridge it improves the taste of water to a significant level and makes it fit to drink. The best part about this water purifier is that there is very less electricity consumed by this Aquafresh purifier. This water purifier is extremely user-friendly and can be conveniently installed.

Other Features:

Other special features of this Aquafresh water purifier is that it comes with automatic cut off valve, the purifier energises water, and there is also an auto flush timer. This water purifier also offers double safety mechanism and also generates complete protection to drinking water.

How to maintain the Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier?

Maintenance of this Aquafresh Pearl is simple and you can easily do it yourself. However, if you think, it is important, you can always ask for professional help. While doing it yourself, you can empty the Aquafresh purifier and clean it inside and out with a neat piece of cloth thoroughly. For the filters, you can ask for professional help to ensure longevity and durability of the product. Remember not to use any soap or bleaching agent as that might hamper this water purifier. This product is now available on the internet, so now you can buy Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier online, without any delay and get it delivered to your home.

Key features at a glance


Storage Tank Capacity is 8.5 Liters Filter

Fully Automatic

Operating Voltage is 24 V DC

Convenient design

Easy to clean

Easy to maintain

Features: Aquafresh Pearl (RO+UV+UF+TDS) Water purifier

  • Water Pressure : 0.3 Kg / cm2 Input Voltage : 160 - 300 V AC (50 Hz) Operating Voltage : 24 V DC Dimensions : L 395 W 256 H 551 Net Weight : 10.5 Kg.
Product Details
Brand Aquafresh
Model Number SE928
Size 17 IN
Item Package Quantity 1
Capacity 8.50 L/day

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    Water in India is no longer safe. It is not advisable to consume water anywhere in the country. Water borne diseases have been spreading rapidly through these waters affecting a lot of people . I'd suggest people get their water tested for free at [...] and ensure the water they receive is safe for consumption.
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