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TOM Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon

TOM Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon

Model Number TM1096
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Product Description

Aquariums have been a major favourite amongst people who have a love for the under water world. The closest link to underwater life and its unique beauty, people have sought to decorate their homes with aquariums, often owning more than just one in various shapes and sizes. Aquariums have the ability to add to the décor of your home with its colourful fish and various beautiful reefs that are added by the owners to make them look more beautiful, providing the perfect natural home for fish. Owning an aquarium helps in enhancing the décor of your home and should also be maintained in the correct manner. Maintaining your aquarium in the correct manner is a must and keeping your fish in a clean aquarium is something every owner should take upon themselves. If you wish to purchase an easy and hassle free way of looking after your aquarium and cleaning it then you should buy the TOM Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon.

Features of the Siphon

This battery operated Tom Gravel cleaning siphon allows you to clean your aquarium when you need to and remove fish waste without changing the water completely. This siphon has been designed for quick maintenance with an easy flow rate which is perfect for sot cleaning. The siphon is lightweight and can be easily handled and used without any extra help. This siphon is perfect for cleaning extremely small aquariums as well with the ability to reach the most difficult areas. By using the TOM Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon, aquarists are sure to have a hassle free and easier time cleaning and maintaining a healthy aquarium environment. It is highly reliable and easy to operate with a battery that speeds up the process, also making you feel secure while using the product in water. This mechanism automatically starts the siphoning of the aquarium by simply moving the siphon up and down in the water. The gravel siphon generates continuous water flow which in turn sucks up dirt and debris that accumulate in the aquarium after a period of time. After cleaning, the clean gravel is placed back to the aquarium bed. The siphon is made up of two cleaning attachments that include the gravel head that is used for deep cleaning, and a slim nozzle that is used to clean areas and corners that are hard to reach. This gravel siphon is a practical device that helps you keep your aquarium clean and attractive, leaving your fish healthy.

How to Clean your Aquarium

Follow these steps to keep your aquarium clean by using this battery operated siphon. Follow this regime daily or every alternate day and keep your aquarium pristine and crystal clear. Fill a bucket of water and assemble the parts of the siphon. The object of the siphon is to remove solid waste and change about 25% of the water that is present in the tank. This siphon helps in carrying out both these procedures. Thoroughly wash your hands and do not place your hands into the aquarium without cleaning them as marine plants and fish are prone to getting affected due to dirt. Place the vacuum part of the siphon into the tank so that the water displaces air in the tube and slowly lower the remaining length of the tube into the tank. The tube should be lowered into the tank to allow water to continuously displace air from the entire length of the tube. Follow this procedure to prevent air bubbles or pockets from remaining in the tube. Direct the open end of the tube against the bottom of the tank and keep the discharge end of the tube into the bucket. Gently move the vacuum around the bottom of the tank and in the nooks and corners to clean the parts of the aquarium and lift the vacuum up enough to clear the gravel. Keep the vacuum in position until the water in the vacuum till the tubing runs clear and repeat until the entire bottom is free of waste. After cleaning, stop the water flow by raising the discharge end of the tube to a point slightly higher than the level of water remaining in the tank. Follow these steps to keep your aquarium clean and fish healthy.

Keep your aquarium pristine and clean, giving your fish a healthy home. Shop online for the TOM Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon and keep your aquarium looking attractive and clean.

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 aquarium cleaning tool siphons water, removes algae, and cleans gravel
  • Ideal for spot cleaning and getting to difficult-to-reach areas; ideal for siphoning nano tanks
  • Nylon bag quickly traps debris and unwanted fish waste
  • Runs on two C-size batteries (not included)
  • Extendable from 8 to 16 inches
Product Details
Manufacturer Tom (Tominaga/Oscar)
Brand KollerCraft
Model Number TM1096
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 453.6 grams
Product Dimensions 35.6 cm x 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm

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